Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller can be fold with just one hand. Plus its all terrain, non flat tires with front wheel suspension makes a smooth, comfortable ride.

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

We’re gonna take a look at the city mini gt by Baby Jogger and this is the double so it’s for twins I think this thing says on their site that its weight capacity is a hundred pounds… our babies are right around 20 pounds right now and they seem to fit in here pretty good…

They have nice five-point harnesses… they have an interesting way they clip in here… I’ll show you all this… so they pull right out like that so what you have to do to get this in here is you have to insert that right in there like that before you clip it in, so let’s see if I can get this on here. You push it like that and then you would put your baby’s arm in there, bring this up and then it and then it clips in sideways; so you just clip it in clip it in like that and then the other one clips in the same… so it’s a five-point harness ..

A couple things I like about this one is we’re gonna take a look at the these hoods so the hoods are pretty cool because you can just pull them like that you can go two or you can even go three, so the hoods come all the way down you can see how far they come over there really far; then they also have these nice little viewing ports on top, so you can they have velcro there pick that up these have these cool little see how I have a little velcro strap there where you take this, you roll it up and then you can actually put that up like that and and put your velcro on top of it so then it will hold it up like that and then you can see down and see your baby straight through the plastic there and it has one there and there’s one here on the back.

So if the Sun isn’t you know a certain direction you can just have it like this and you can still see and then if you want to go ahead and pull it over for the full protection then you can use this back one and it has the the same velcro so you can roll that one up put it on there and then you can leave this one cover so that’s a nice little feature that they have and then if you don’t need to see them anymore you just leave it shut so they both sides do the same thing, so that goes all the way over all the way down that’s what it looks like from the front whenever they’re both down.

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Another cool feature is on the back here, you can see these straps hanging down, there’s one there and one there; the way you do these is you just pinch them, so when you pinch this and you pull it down then you just grab the seat and pull it down and what that’s doing, it’s allowing the baby to lay down, so if you look up here on top now you can see this one is way far back and this one’s up sitting up so if you want the baby sitting up they can sit up if you want them laying down they can lay down and they’re independent of each other so if one of your babies is sleeping you can have them laying down the other one still sitting up.

They have numerous adjustments here for the size of your baby ours are small right now so we’re on the lowest setting; it seems to work pretty good though. They have a Velcro here you can pull that up and then it has a little little strap there hold this up so you pull that up and then there’s your little deal goes in that in that little strap so it will hold it up here and now you have that nice little net so then you getting plenty of air in there so your baby doesn’t get too hot so that that’s pretty cool.

And then velcro it back down if you’re not using it, pick it up; all we do is pinch this and pull that strap down and when you do the seat is just just raising straight up, so it’s really quick and easy way to sit your baby up or lay them down.

Underneath side you have your your little storage pack there that’s not huge you may have trouble getting your you know depending on how big your your diaper bag is you might have a little bit of trouble getting the diaper bag in and out of there because it’s not a huge net but you can hold a pretty good bit of stuff in there, so that’s nice.

This handle is a nice rubber feel to it, you push these buttons in on both sides and then you can move this handle so there’s one on that side and then there’s one on this side right there; I’m gonna do that real quick so you can see it goes all the way down like that and then it will come up all the way to there so that’s the positions and you can stop it anywhere in between so depending on where you want to be whenever you’re pushing this thing you can move it where it’ll be good for you.

Seems to be most comfortable about like this so one really nice thing about this stroller is it turns on a dime so you can just twist this thing around with one finger coming pretty much and it’ll turn all the way around for you so that’s really nice.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double StrollerIt is skinny enough to fit through doors like this is the front door here and it fits right through there so we’re not going to stick it through there but I’m telling you it fits through most doors which is nice so it’s not too wide it’s still pretty wide but it’ll it’ll squeeze right in there.

Another cool thing is how this thing folds up, so we pull these straps and then it’ll pull up, so we’re going to show you that real quick…. let’s see so this is the front view and all we’re going to do pull up on these things that say pull to fold pull to pull so I’m just gonna pick up on those…

….so when you want to unfold it you just grab this you unclip it there and then you just pick up on the handle… pick up on the handle …

Another cool feature is the break, which is located on the right way your right hand it’s right here then all you do to engage the break is just pull this back there you go now the brake is on, it’s this back tires are locked okay to disengage it it’s got two Clips, one there one on the other side so you just take it with your hand and you pull it back and then you pull it down, so that’s it. Break on break off.

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When this thing comes to you in the package one thing that I really liked was how quick it was to assemble, it literally comes all assembled besides that the wheels are not on the cart and all you do to put them on there is just push them in so I’ll show you all one of them. I’m gonna so pick up on that it’s gonna release the tire okay, so this is how the tires come whenever you get them and look on the inside here so nice it looks like stainless steel springs in there so literally all you do is you take this insert it and then like that you just push it in there so you literally put your four tires on there and then you’re done you’re done assembling it so it’s ready to go.

These things also have a lock on them so if you point your wheels forward you pick up on this lock here okay this one you face it forward then you pick it up okay so now they’re locked so now both of the front tires are locked, so if you’re jogging or running with this then they won’t move on. You to unlock them you just push down so they push down push down and then you can move it again.

The tires work pretty well in even in the grass; they’re not huge tires I don’t know what size they are, seven and a half there’s seven and a half inches so they’re not real big but they do pretty good… they it rolls extremely smooth, they have some nice bearings on the wheels and here’s the back tire just so y’all can see how easy this is all you do is pick that up or push that in excuse me push that in right there then you pull the tire and then the tire will come off so you push that in, pull out okay, so this is how the tire comes whenever you get it so the four tires are all away from cart so then when you get it all you do is just pick up and take it like that push it in it clips in you’re done. So you clip your tires on then you’re ready to go.

I think that’s about all the features. We’ve had a different stroller and this one is by far seems to be worth the money it seems to be well made and it works really good, very convenient to have a nice rolling stroller because it doesn’t work you nearly as much as it a cheap stroller so some things you just you know spend a little extra money on you get what you pay for sometimes it’s not worth it but I think this one’s worth it.

Anyways that’s the review hope you all enjoyed it. I think I went over all the features and anyways it’s really good… it says UV fifty plus on here you know can see that so it kind of provides sunscreen but I think any material pretty much takes care of that I mean I know that there’s specific material because I just wear regular t-shirts and they protect me from the Sun anyways y’all take it easy hope that helps somebody out before y’all go buying one if you’re looking at this stroller and you’re comparing it to other ones and I think this one this one’s worth the money and it’s not the most expensive one on the market either so y’all have a good one.

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