Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Baby Jogger Summit X3 enables you to fold your stroller with one hand, plus – the all wheel suspension system soaks up road bumps. For more features and a more detailed review on this jogging stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re going to take a look at the new baby jogger summit x3 and this is the third generation for baby jogger summit and it has some changes and it has a bigger seat to accommodate bigger children better and it also has a swivel lock up here which locks the front wheel straight when you’re jogging.

So let’s take a look at the summit x3. So let’s start with the seat. The seat has a weight capacity of up to 75 pounds and when you’re looking for a good jogging stroller, you want a high weight capacity. These are probably going to use it with larger kids as well. My 8 year old and my 6 year old still hop in the stroller when I need to go jogging, that’s because they can’t keep up and I can’t leave a alone by themselves yet, so you’re going to want to look for a high weight capacity.

My 8 Year Old Can Still Fit in the Stroller

The seats are roomy, it’s 14 inches across, has a 21 inch seat back, and in measurement from the back seat to the top of the canopy up 25 inches. That’s right, my 8 year old can still fit in the stroller. It has a padded adjustable five point harness and what I like about it, is the buckle is hard to do, my three year old cannot figure it out. We cannot figure out that he needs to put enough pressure on this to get it open, so your toddlers aren’t going to jump out mid run on you.

It has a longer foot well, so it’s ten inches from where this seat brakes here to where they place their feet. I love the fact if you can see this here, this is a really easy to wipe clean material, so when your kid’s shoes are dirty this is what it’s going to set on, it’s not going to get your fabric dirty and it’s going to wear a lot better than the fabric, Because, you know the bottom of shoes, that could really wear on fabric, if these companies don’t pay attention to that, so I love that.

It has a very deep recline, a full recline, the one-handed strap system you just squeeze and you pull back and it stops wherever you stop. Now, it’s almost flat, not quite flat, so you could put a small baby in here but you would never jog with a small baby, so you cannot put your baby in here – to jog – until they’re six to eight months old, but if you were just taking it shopping or for everyday use, you could put your smaller baby in here and love the fact that it has deep recline.

But if you are jogging, it’s got to go upright and you’re going to have a bigger kid in there, at least six months to eight months old.

On the back of the seat, you have a large mesh pocket so this is going to allow you to put your cell phone or whatever things you need when you are out and about. The basket as you can see is large for jogging stroller, easy to access, they have rounded this bar down like that, so you can get in the basket, even if the seat we’re fully reclined, I still have access to it. So I love they paid attention to that detail.

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Also you can get in from the side because the sides bend down very easily, so again, I could even get a diaper bag in here; so, roomy basket.

The tires. These are air filled tires, these are jogging wheels in the back, they’re 16 inches. The front wheel it’s a swivel wheel and that is 12 inches. Again, air filled tires because, when you’re jogging, you need the air filled tires because it gives that natural suspension plus they’ve added all-wheel suspension on the stroller.

There’s Plenty of Suspension on This

Baby jogger summit x3So you got pretty much two suspensions because you got the natural suspension of air filled tires, plus the suspension that they added. And look at that, you can see the suspension on this because, when you’re jogging, you need that to absorb the bumps so that it’s not your babies absorbing all the bumps. So I love the fact that there’s plenty of suspension on this.

You can’t pop these wheels off too easily, if you wanted to fold it and you want it to be more compact, because these aren’t pretty big wheels. It has a OneTouch break lock here, you just step down the red pebble like that, that’s going to lock the stroller, it’s the parking brake, and then you’re just going to lift up lightly, I could even do it with flip-flops on if I want it and that’s going to unlock it.

Now before we move on to the canopy and handle idea what I mentioned, there is a universal mounting bracket here on the seat, that’s going to allow you to add accessories such as the child tray, a belly bar, car seat adapter, so it does have that.

This is an Extra Safety Precaution

It also has the runaway strap and what this is for is, you would loop it on your hand when you are running, and so, in case the stroller gets away from you for some reason, it’s still attached and I want to point out I love the fact that they have attached it to the bottom of the stroller and not the handlebar, and the reason for that is, let’s say I’m jogging, and for some reason I trip, if it were attached up here, if I trip, it’s going to bring the whole stroller down with me backwards, and that’s bad news.

Now if I trip with it like this, I fall in my face, but the stroller just jerks but it doesn’t fall backwards, so I love the fact, I hope it doesn’t happen, that I fall on my face but just in case it does, this is an extra safety precaution.

I also wanted to mention that, when you have the seat down, like this, there’s a big mesh window and that’s going allow air to circulate through the seat right if it’s cold or windy. You can always put the flap down and that’s going to cover it.

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So I like the fact that opens up the seat, to, you know, make it a breezy seat.

Let’s talk about this canopy, this is a full covered canopy, and you’re gonna need a full coverage canopy when you’re looking at a jogging stroller. This is three full panels, it’s so big that it has two peekaboo windows, one on the top and one over here. Now, you heard that? That was the velcro, I’m hoping on the next version they put a magnetic closure so it’s not so loud just in case, I don’t know, maybe a child is sleeping and I don’t want to wake them up with the noisy velcro, but I do love the size of the canopy, it is huge.

Now, the handlebar… this is a non adjustable handlebar, it is 40 inches from where I place my hands, to the ground, and I love the fact that it’s an easy-to-clean handlebar, it’s like a rubber material, so it’s kind of first of all, last because you’re on the outside with this a lot and a Foley underbar could start to deteriorate or rip or something. This one, this is a heavy-duty handlebar. I love this handlebar and plus, it gives you a good extra grip when you are jogging.

If You Need to Slow the Stroller Down…

Now, let’s talk about this break up here. There’s another break, you got the parking brake, this is the hand brake, this is when you’re jogging, if you need to slow the stroller down, let’s say you’re dragging on hills, that’s what you’re going to do to slow the stroller down.

Now one of the new feature of summit x3 is the swivel lock, it’s this lock up here, it’s a lever you put up and that locks that front wheel, so I don’t have to go to the front of stroller, I don’t have to bend down maybe the front of the wheel is dirty and I don’t want to touch it, that’s going to lock it straight and let’s say, you stop jogging, you want to just kind of maneuver it around a little easier, you just undo the lock and that let’s that front wheel go. You know, swivel.

So I really really loved the fact that they brought it up here, so I don’t have to go around every time to lock and unlock it.

One Hand Fold…

The stroller still has the great baby jogger fold, one hand, very easy to do; you’re still going to need to fold your jogging stroller whether you’re transporting it in the car, using it for everyday use, again, use pull strap off, folds down like that, it weighs about twenty-seven pounds, not super heavy but it needs some weight because it’s a jogging stroller, that’s going to need to withstand all of that jogging.

I can easily put it in and out of my trunk with no problem, it also has a strap here so that I could ___ strap, so I could fold it, velcro it to lock it. Closed. But it’s pretty good because you could just carry it like this, you probably wouldn’t need to lock it..

Then to unfold it, you pretty much do that, you’re just going to open it up and make sure it locks and it’s super easy to do.

  • Overall I love the Baby Jogger summit X3 stroller. I think it’s a fabulous jogging stroller, I’ve taken out for jogging all the time and suspension, the big seat and the smooth ride, it makes my job just a little bit better.

Now I’m one of those joggers that jog out of necessity, to stay in shape, not because I love it, so I don’t want my jogging stroller to give me extra work, believe me the jog is enough for me. So I want a jogging stroller that glides along with little effort for me and that what this one does. All I have to do is pretty much guide it to where I want to go, but I’m not like trying to, you know, really push it and that’s because it has the air-filled tires, the big ones in back that makes it like a bicycle, so it just glides along. It also has that suspension that’s going to absorb all the bumps so my little riders isn’t ___ all over the place.

And remember, don’t jog with a baby under six, eight months, let’s put it, eight months, it’s just too much joggling — eight months minimum that you should jog with a baby, but I love all the features. I think they paid attention to things like the canopy, the roomy basket underneath and the white clean handle, the easy fold, a lot of great stuff on the summit x3, so there you go, that’s my look on this jogger stroller.

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  • The strap is attached to the bottom bar in the back
  • Does not have the second seat attachment
  • You should collapse the stroller with the infant seat removed

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