Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Baby Trend Expedition Jogger offers padded seats with multi-position reclining seating which allows your kids to be comfortable and happy. For more features and a more detailed review on this jogging stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

In today’s video I’ll be reviewing the Baby Trend expedition XLT jogging stroller. This stroller retails in the US for approximately two hundred dollars plus. This particular version that we purchased actually came with a baby carrier that attaches to the stroller but we will not be including that in this review.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is awesome if you are a jogger or you walk a lot outside. If you are in small spaces, not so much. So there are a lot of features. Since this is a jogging stroller there’s actually a feature where you can lock this wheel at the very front into a jogging position and it locks it directly in place so that it goes straight ahead. Now the only way to turn whenever this is locked into place is to pull back and then turn. All you have to do is push this button and this will will turn.

This tray has two cupholders for the child so you can have you know juice and a milk if you like. It’s real easy to release by pushing that button. It has a little place where if something drops off of here it’ll get caught in this little tray here down on the bottom; it also provides a place for your child to put their feet. This feature also includes this canopy that folds out and it locks into place and so that if it’s bright and the sun is shining down it covers up any kind of Sun that may be coming in and if you want to know how your child is doing it also provides this little thing right here it’s this little mesh top so you can lift that up and you can see what’s going on with your child inside there.

The thing that I don’t like about this it doesn’t provide a place to lock it up there, so if the winds blowing it’ll just kind of flap around a little bit. Another feature that this thing provides I think is really cool is this speaker system; these are two speakers right here on the front… you lift this little thing up here and there’s a little place for you to plug your phone in. Now quite honestly this is not that great, doesn’t work that well, it’s not very loud. Putting headphones in maybe even better.

As you can see this handle to push the stroller goes in a couple of positions it goes into a higher position and it goes into a lower position and I think it has two positions there, three positions actually, so three different positions that you can lock this handle in which I think is really cool.

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It gives two places for you to put your own drink and so you have a total of four cup holders in this entire stroller one or two right here for the adults and then two down here for your child.

Baby Trend Expedition JoggerAnother feature that this offers is this huge basket down on the bottom; this basket provides a lot of room really, you can put any kind of diapers or powder or just whatever you need like we go to the pool a lot we put our towels and we put our sunscreen and things like that down in there so it actually provides a lot of storage space.

Also on the back side here you will notice his strap; now this strap they say is to be used if you are jogging for me to put this around my wrist in to jog I mean I guess it works just fine not that big of a deal because really you’re not supposed to go any farther than this you’re not suppose to be jogging with one hand so if you have both hands on this and you’re jogging you’re jogging long and you trip like this then what will happen is that’ll roll out and your hand will catch the stroller and it won’t roll out into the middle of the street. So that is a good thing about this strap. We rarely use it quite honestly.

There are a couple of little pieces of velcro that you can use you just put here and you can strap it to the side for storage sake.

Now this thing also has brakes on the back on for each wheel, this will keep either wheel from rolling, so if you lock those into place you’ll notice this thing will not move. If I open that brake and you’ll see the wheel will turn, but otherwise if I put that brake in, the wheels not going to turn at all. So I think that that’s a really good feature and almost a feature that should be on every strollers. I’m not really sure. This is the only stroller that we’ve ever owned.

Okay there are a few things I dislike about this stroller, one being, is that all of these tires have to be aired up, so at some point they’re gonna go flat and you’ll have to air these tires up. Now I guess it’s a good thing if you’re jogging, that way it’s a lot softer on the child whenever you hit a bump or something like that, But it is kind of a pain to have to air them up.

The other thing is, this thing is bulky, it really doesn’t fit into a car very well even to a trunk, this virtually takes up the entire space. You know if you have a big vehicle it’s not that big of a deal.

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Folding this up is kind of difficult, so there’s a little button here on the back; you have to slide this little switch, pull this button all the way in, and then lift up, and really you have to kind of squeeze it together. And that’s how we do it, we squeeze this thing together and pull this thing down and it’s locked in position – and that is about as small as this thing gets. And then you have to worry about this thing right here.

Whenever you’re opening this thing up, what you have to do is pull this handle back out and then grab this switch pull on this and whenever you start to open this thing up it always catches this little knob on the side there, and so as you see it’s not always easy and this little strap oftentimes comes off of here.

I’d like you to see that there are some harness straps in here that you can strap your kid in not much of a problem there, I think most cars or strollers have that on the back side. There are these little levers that can help the child sit up a little better and you know what, this particular stroller actually came with a baby carrier and it actually fits this section right here. I don’t have this in place at the moment, I might make another video in the future showing the baby carrier, but for now, we’re not going to show that.

This little thing right here actually cinches back and allows the seat to fold back so that your child can lay back farther if they want.

What I would like and what I actually wish is that this stroller allowed the child to sit up taller – like this – but it actually does not allow for child to do that. The tallest that a child can set up is like this and they’re still leaning back.

It provides reflectors on the side so if you’re jogging at night that cars can see you a little bit better. I still suggest wearing something reflective or something bright. We’re just don’t jogg at night you know. That is the Baby Trend expedition XLT jogging stroller. A very cool stroller if you’re into jogging and walking a lot. If you’re not into jogging or walking a lot I would probably recommend a different type of stroller maybe, one that’s more compact with hard wheels rather than soft wheels and what I would do in the future perhaps is to get a secondary stroller, a smaller stroller, so that I could take it out into public places like restaurants or a mall or somewhere to that effect, so that I didn’t have to lug this huge thing around everywhere I went.

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  • It may not work well on rough or rocky terrain.
  • It works on gravel though.
  • You may want to buy a rain cover for it.
  • Not appropriate for newbors unless you attach some neck support.

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