Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System Reviews [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System comes with the stroller and the infant car seat which features a 5-point safety harnesses for maximum safety and protection. For more features and a more detailed review on this stroller travel system, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

I’m here to do a quick review on the stroller that we have for our son. This is the Eclipse easy ride travel system by Baby Trend. Going to try to make this video quick. First I’m going to start up here. Okay so I moved into our bathroom because the Lighting’s a little better so what this stroller comes with two cupholders as most strollers do and then like this little case thing… I’m not exactly sure what it’s for but we’ve kept like little snacks inside here… kind of disappointed that it doesn’t fit in… it fit my old phone in here but not the phone that I have now. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and it doesn’t fit in there like at all.

Then it has this… this is also a cons about this stroller that I don’t really like, is it opens but it doesn’t stay open like… I don’t see the point of having this I mean I like this that you can see your baby like your baby get some circulation from air but it doesn’t stay open… so like… it’s staying open now but weren’t you moving outside pretty much closes every single time and I’ve seen other strollers that like they have like this piece of I don’t know what you call it like this little strange thing and it rose up and attaches right there, so but I mean it wasn’t it like then make me want to return it or anything.

So anyway we’ll move to the inside of the stroller; and this is the inside. I love this design on the stroller – that’s the main reason why I bought it because it has three wheels and because I just I’m in love with the design. I didn’t want too much for my son but I still wanted it to look like this is a little boy’s stroller and I just thought the design was extra cute.

That’s About How Big Our Baby Bag Fits in There

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel SystemSo this is the baby insert and of course you can take it out it’s like little pieces of velcro right there and you undo it and it just comes out like that; so that’s how the stroller looks open on the side and on the back. These little red pieces keep the seat up, if they fall down – the whole seat is going to fall back, and that’s about how big our baby bag fits in there.

We have a skip hop baby bag and we pretty much pack it to where it’s full and it fits comfortably in there you can add extra things. It looks kind of small from here, but it’s a little bigger and deeper than it looks.

There’s the brakes order to get the car seat out; put your hand on the handle like that – there’s a lever underneath the car seat – you just pull it out and up and the car seat is up.

This is how the stroller looks from the side without the car seat and this is the stroller with the cover down, so that’s how it looks.

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And this is how it looks from the front. I’ll have two cupholders where the baby sits and the straps. One thing I do wish that this stroller has is one point harness like the straps that go over the chest because all that there is is the way it’s in… my son will be one next month and it still is not as tight like almost nowhere near as tight as I would want it to be on him and because of that we kept him in the infant car seat in here longer than we probably would have but I keep only rode in this maybe like four times without only we think it was that many times without the car seat because I don’t know, I just want him since he’s not facing me anymore out of the car seat I just want to make sure that he’s tight enough.

You can see, the seat goes up, so it can sit that far up or it can lean all the way back and you have to have it leaned all the way back in order for the car seat to fit, but that’s how it looks up. So let’s say we want to put it up this way.

In order to adjust the height of the seat to sit it up or lay it back, you just hold on to the ring and pull it up like that, as tight as it’ll go that pushes it all the way up and then to recline it, of course you just pull it, you just hold on to the ring and pull it down and then the seat will go back.

Another cool thing about this stroller is that there is a red button on both sides of the stroller on the handle that adjusts the height, so there are three heights for the handle to the stroller. ^his is the highest height which is the one that I use it on and then there’s the middle one right there which I think is kind of like a average height for strollers and then there’s a low one and then it can also go all the way down.

On the right-hand side of the stroller
there’s a piece that you pull down

This little slider lever and this button right here is to close the stroller, so you have to pull this over and squeeze at the same time but it won’t let you squeeze – kind of like a lot thing I guess a safety thing – it won’t let you close it without pulling this so you pull it and squeeze it and then you just lift the stroller up, pull it up and it will begin to close together. You can close it like that.

On the right-hand side of the stroller there’s a piece that you pull down and pull up and you just snap it to keep the stroller together and it pops off very easy – it just goes back up.

So something else that I want to mention – you have to pick it up and walk it everywhere – it doesn’t just roll once you fold it up because that will drag on the floor which is so annoying.

Let’s just say I’m folding it up and I’m dragging it to the car or I’m getting it out of the house when you go like this … you can hear it dragging on the floor.

So overall I love this trailer, I think it’s the cutest little stroller, it’s not too much, it says I’m a boy but it’s not a whole bunch.

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  • Is good for jogging or walking 
  • Lays flat
  • The car seat click connects with the stroller

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