Top 12 Best Car Seat Stroller Combo [2018] Comparison Chart

best car seat stroller comboFinding the Safest Car Seat and Travel System For Your Child Should Not be Hard!

Looking for the perfect travel system and car seat for your child? From one parent to another, now that you are ready to incorporate your child into your own lifestyle, it is time to ask yourself some questions. Take into account your daily schedule and ask yourself, when and where do you plan to take your child most often? Do you exercise outdoors every day? How often are you going to take your child with you on your errands?

The answers to your questions will enable you to choose between these top players in the market for baby travel systems. Take it from a parent who knows.

Top 12 Best Car Seat Stroller Combo [2018] Comparison Chart

Urbini Omni Plus Travel System

From the aforementioned, you need an ideal car seat. Urbini Omni Plus Special Edition is the solution to your travel woes. It is light weight hence car installation is seamless. Your baby can sleep in carriage mode, you can bond with your child in parent facing mode, and forward-facing mode allows the baby to explore the world. Moreover, it possesses an adjustable handle, has enough room for storage basket, the canopy is big and a cup holder for the parent. It is a self-contained car seat!

Stroller cum Bassinet

Most strollers are just that, strollers. With this however, it is a budget stroller that can be made a bassinet. Your child can now nap while on the go. If you need to change diapers, no more worrying! Your child will be comfortable and you will too.

Stroller can face either backward or forward

Majority of the strollers you will find have only one option, forward facing. A few have backward but that’s it. No more options. This stroller is unique as it allows you to adjust your baby as you deem fit. Most importantly, your child is safe from the sun rays in case it is unbearably hot.

Adjust the handle

A stroller is ideally for the baby. However, whoever is handling it should be accorded some comfort too. For budget strollers, this is not a feature you will come across. The Umni Pro though caters for all parents irrespective of height. Taking your child for walks will no longer be strenuous.

The Umni Pro can accommodate children to a maximum of 35 pounds. The maximum height to fit in a car is 32 inches.

Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel System

Moving out and about with kids calls for a lot of memory jogging. What did I leave? What may I need? With this Stroll Travel System &Cosco Lift, you get both a car seat and stroller in one. For
the first trips with your baby, behold the solution. Your child’s safety is considered with side impact protection. Moreover, you can adjust the harness of the car seat to suit your baby. Your child’s safety is not compromised at all. Moreover, it is easy to fold and carry.

Baby Trend Expedition

Another stroller and car seat in one in this model. This is a unique product however courtesy of the jogging stroller 3-wheel ability. Who ever thought you can have your baby come with you for your morning jog? You don’t have to shelf your goals because you are a parent! Life is to be enjoyed and this is exactly what you get with this model. You child’s safety is considered while jogging by the lockable front swivel.

Considering what you can achieve with this stroller, the tires are all-terrain. To spice things up, it possesses a tray for you the parent for 2 beverages. There is enough storage space in the basket. The canopy is well designed with sunroof ratchets. Your baby is guarded from the sun and wind. The handle is form padded and ergonomically shaped hence it being comfortable for you.

The baby’s comfort is taken a notch higher with multi-positioning reclining. Safety is well taken care of with a safety harness at 5-points. Considering the terrain, the stroller has reflectors positioned at the footrest. This ensures appropriate visibility in low light. It has a Flex Lock function that allows the seat to be well positioned in the car and on the stroller as well. This stroller is light weight hence easy to manoeuvre around with.

Chicco Viaro

Easily foldable using one arm and if you travel a lot, you will love this Viaro Stroller. The semantics of this stroller will afford your baby a few gazes and it can be stopped using toe tap brakes.

Storage space is in plenty for anything your baby may need as you move around.

The storage space is accessible from both the back and front. If you have some drinks for yourself you’d like to bring along, conveniently utilise the cup holders in the tray. The canopy protects your child as well. Security of the baby is looked into with the belt-lock system. The carrier shell as well has energy absorbing mechanism. The padding around the seat allows your child to remain in position without risk of getting hurt.

Every parent at one time or the other had to carry their infant child from their home to some other place. This will require the parent to also carry implements like carrycots as well as pram or pushchair, and baby car seats.

A travel system allows parents to get everything they need for moving their precious baby around. It is a form of pushchair with modifications making it function as a car seat and commonly a carrycot. There is a variety of these items on the market, some of which will form the basis of this article.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

This travel system makes taking a walk with your baby an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. They have breaks that are simple to put into park, and the agile wheels provide for maximum maneuverability when negotiating corners. The canopy offers ample cover, and the special flip out visor can also give your child extra protection. A window on the canopy provides airflow and an easy view to see your child.

You can efficiently attach the car seat to the stroller using the ‘QuickClick’ feature. The infant car seat provides your baby with extra safety due to its superior fit. The buckle adjusts in a way that allows you to customize its length and its position on your infant. There is more than enough storage space; small items can fit in the parent and child trays, and the large items can be placed in the large storage basket. The system also features a lift-to-design feature making it easy to fold and tuck away.

Graco Fast-Action Fold-Jogger Click-Connect Stroller

This system combines convenience and comfort with maneuverability and robustness. It features many impressive features like the one-hand and quick FastAction that involves pulling on a marked strap to fold the jogger. This is a popular feature among parents who always find themselves engaging one hand and still wanting to fold the stroller. The ClickConnect feature makes it easy to put your child in and out of the stroller and also ensures a secure connection.

It has trays and large storage baskets for holding your items like toys, diapers or food. The child tray can hold bottles as well as snacks, and sippy cups while the parent tray has enough space for a smartphone holder and even a duo of deep cup holders. The child tray can pivot and even detachable so you can easily lift your infant in and out of the seat. The extra-large canopy blocks the baby from exposure to the elements like wind and strong sunshine.

Evenflo Vive Travel System

This is the adequate combination of a stroller and a car seat. It allows for you to move your child quickly from car to foot. The ‘Embrace’ infant seat is a slim and foldable item. This hassle-free moving item comes in small and large sizes. The thick wheels and shock absorbing system ensure for seamless safety, comfort, and stability for your child.

The Embrace is suitable for most babies excluding the slightly large birthweight babies. When your baby gains more than 50lbs, you can continue using the stroller even if they’ve outgrown the Embrace car seat allowing you to use your travel system for years after purchase.

Peg Perego Booklet

This travel system brings together the ‘Primo Viaggio’ and ‘Booklet’ travel systems functionalities. This pair fits directly together without any adapters. The Primo Viaggio fits snugly into the booklet stroller using the G-matic system. The booklet has bumpers that provide extra protection even if the car seat is not attached to the stroller.

The lightweight frame makes it easy to fold, and it does so inwardly to ensure upholstery is always clean. The streamlined design of the stroller moves places like crowded elevators, narrow aisles, and sidewalk traffic. The hood is designed with extendable visors that are for shielding your infant from Ultra-violet rays.

The suspension and ball bearings make the moving of this stroller effortless even on rough and irregular surfaces. Its frame consists of aluminum that has both strength and is lightweight. The ‘Primo Viaggio’ car seat is placed on retractable and built-in anchors. It features a backrest that has the mobility to adjust to some positions and can recline back completely and the design is overall compact and intended to close with little force and ease while using only one hand.

Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System

This travel system by Graco includes the Snug Ride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat, which is top-rated. The entire system is created to keep your child from four to thirty pounds safe and rear-facing in the vehicle. This system lets you connect the stroller to your infant car seat in one step and since the stroller travel system includes the infant car seat, new parents have everything necessary to enjoy real mobility with your child, hassle-free.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

The travel system by EZ Ride includes a stay-in EZ Flex-Loc car base and an infant car seat with a fixed back. New parents will love the easy solutions this travel system provides. Both the infant car seat and the stroller provide a five-point safety harness for your child’s maximum protection. The luxury padded seat is thick with a large support for your baby’s body and multiple recline positions.

The canopy even has a peek-a-boo window your baby can look through. Coffee-loving moms and dads will love the cup holders and a covered parent tray. You get added protection from the EPS absorbing foam on the car seat. Enjoy real convenience when you need to brush those crumbs off your child using the swing-away child tray. There is a large storage basket you can fold with one hand, keeping your other hand free.

Graco Relay

The Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller by Graco is a travel system unlike any other. This ultimate jogger will perform as well as you need it to. Now that your baby is born and ready to explore the world, what better way to enjoy fresh air than to bring your child with you while you jog? Enjoy the one-step, secure attachment of the infant car seat to the stroller. Air-filled rubber tyres are able to go where you need them to. Front-swivel wheels lock and track.

The lightweight frame and premium suspension ensure a smooth ride. Tech-fabric is reflective so you and your brood stay visible even with low light. The canopy features UV50 protection from the sun. In other words, everything you need for an enjoyable jog every day is in your hands with the Graco Relay. Moms on-the-go will love the one-hand, one-second fold. After all, who has time to wrestle with a stroller these days? Pneumatic cars are sturdy enough for both you and your child to tackle all types of urban terrain.

Chicco Bravo Trio

Chicco features an innovative, new, tri-modal line of strollers. This new system is exclusively designed to be used with the top rated infant car seat called Chicco Key Fit 30. As your baby grows, there are three modes you can use to travel. First, you can use the system as a stylish, lightweight baby car seat. You can easily remove the canopy and seat to reveal a lightweight carrier car seat. This helps a lot when your baby still uses the Key Fit.

When your child begins to sit up and likes to be stroller around while still in the Key Fit, the Bravo transforms into a travel system. This system grows with your child and is durable enough to last year after year. Fabrics need to be washed separately on delicate cycle in cold water and drip dry. Use mild soap and warm water to sponge clean hardware and plastic. Use a sponge rather than a washing machine to clean the harness using mild soap and warm water. You can wipe metal and plastic parts periodically using a soft cloth.

Includes an infant car seat by Key Fit 30 that is top-rated and the rear brakes are linked for utmost safety. You will love the suspension on all wheels for riding comfort as well as parent cup holders and tray with storage for all your bare essentials.

The push handle features adjustable height and the removable, adjustable canopy is there when you need it, or stored when you don’t. The reclining seat features multi-positions and the free-standing, one-hand quick fold gives you a hassle-free experience each and every time. The stroller seat is also removable to give you space when you need it to.

Bravo functions as a car seat lightweight carrier in its first mode of use with infants. You can easily remove the canopy and stroller seat and click in the Key Fit using the adapter. 

When your child starts to want to sit up as he or she rides, you can click the Key Fit into the stroller with ease. 

Later on, when your child starts to get too big for the Key Fit up to fifty pounds, you can use the full-feature stroller function of Bravo for daily use.

Travel systems offer parents and guardians so much. The detachable parts, secure means of linking them together and mobility features make this a flexible and helpful item to have. The range of stroller travel systems on the market is wide, and there is something for everyone.

There you have it. Top 12 Best Car Seat Stroller Combo options. Hope you liked this post, and feel free to share it with your friends and contacts. Thank you!

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