Top 12 Best Double Stroller Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

best double strollerAdd Safety, Comfort and Style to Your Travel With Double Strollers… Plus, Make Life with Two Littles Easier…

Regardless of your situation, there’s already a double stroller perfect for your family, lifestyle, and budget. You just have to compare the best choices on the market and make a smart buying decision.

Never bought a double stroller before? Looking for the best double stroller for infant and toddler? Then let the buy guide at the bottom help you.

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Top 12 Best Double Stroller Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

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Baby Navigator Double Stroller

Baby Navigator Double Stroller is a great combination of safety and comfort. It is designed for two kids and can be a great option for those having twins. It has two infant car seats. Besides, you will have multi-position and reclining seats to offer relaxation. There will be a 5-point harness and ratcheted canopies to offer protection and safety to the little ones. The stroller features cup holders, two trays, and lockable swivel casters. You will have speakers and MP3 plug-in as well.

What are the features?

• 2 baby trend infant car seats.
• Pneumatic bicycle tires &locking front swivel wheels.
• Parent tray with MP3 speakers, storage compartment, and two cup holders.
• Trigger folding for easy transportation and storage.
• Multi-position padded seats to offer comfort and relaxation

Graco Ready2grow LX Stroller

Graco Ready2grow LX Stroller is one of the most versatile strollers that come with 12 riding options.

Both the infants and youth can use this stroller. You will have a bench seat and a removable face time rear seat.

What are the features?

• 2 riding options both for the youth and infants.
• Removable face-time rear seat, automatic lock, snack tray, large storage basket, and front swivel wheels for an easy maneuverability.
• Standing platform, bench seat, front seat, and 5-point safety harness for the protection and safety.
• Polyester and cotton construction. The seat cushions are machine washable. You can also wipe the frame with warm water and soap.
• Removable child tray that can hold two cups, bottle, and snacks. For the adult, there will be a tray with a cup holder. There will be a large storage basket for holding groceries, purses, and diapers.

Why should you buy?

Rear Seat: This stroller has Face Time rear seat to enable you to interact with your kid more conveniently. The rear seat is removable.

Comfort: It will have a multi-position padded reclining front seat that can be adjusted to offer great comfort to your kids.

Easy folding: You can fold the stroller and can easily carry in one hand. Once you fold it, the stroller will be self-standing.

Durable: You can use it for years. When the front and bench seat will support up to 50lbs, the rear seat will support up to 40 lbs.

Easy storage: It comes with an extra-large storage basket that you can use for the snacks, diapers, and toys.

Joovy x2 Double Stroller

Joovy x2 Double Stroller is appreciated for the bigger wheels and trendy graphite grey frame. It has 9.5 –inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels for the easy maneuvering. It is lightweight and comes with a narrow design for the easy storage. The width is 30 inches and it can support up t0 90 pounds. The stroller will have double front wheels to offer stability. The basket and canopy are bigger. Each seat is independent and adjustable.

You will also appreciate the one-hand recline system. Besides, there will be two cup holders and two zipped pockets. It is foldable and you can fold it within a couple of seconds. This stroller is affordable.

What are the features?

• Supports up to ninety pounds.
• 30 width good for any standard door.
• Adjustable and independent seats.
• Designed for two kids.
• Easy folding, removable bumper bar, and huge canopy and basket.
• Large wheels with sealed bearing for easy maneuvering.
• Two cup holders and two zipped pockets.
• Designed for three months and above.
• Nylon material and 5 vibrant colors.
• Open: 32 x 30 x 44.5 inches.
• Closed size: 35.5 x 30 x 13 inches.
• Weight: 32 pounds.

Joovy x2 Double Stroller is lightweight and comes with a narrow design to enter any standard door without folding. Besides, it comes with a trendy look and improved performance to be the first choice for many parents. It has many advanced and easy to use features both for the parents and kids. When it comes to the comfort and safety, you can say that it is one of the best products available in the current market.

Why should you buy?

Bigger and advanced wheels: It will have larger sealed bearing wheels in the front for the easy maneuverability. The double front wheel will offer extra stability and strong foundation.

Big storage: It will have largest storage basket, canopy, and mesh pockets.

Comfort & Safety: This stroller comes with removable bumper bar, one-hand recline mechanism, and 5point harnesses for the extra safety and comfort.

Easy folding: The folding will take only a few seconds.

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Travelling should be comfortable, stress-free and full of enjoyment. This can be achieved by using the Chicho Cortina Double Stroller which comes with aluminum elliptical tubing for convenience. It is light in weight and is yarn-dyed with woven fabrics that are not only stylish but also comfortable.

It can easily be fitted to one or both seats in a car using KeyFit to accommodate your children or siblings.

With Cortina stroller, it allows you to travel with your entire family at any given time without worrying about space in your car, or the comfort of infants in the car. It can accommodate two infants, or one toddler and one infant. It can be attached to the front or rear seat with the click-in

Key Fit attachment without the need to add straps or bars. The rear seat comes with a full recline which allows bassinet enclosure or additional car seat.

It is a modern, specialized, and effective aluminum frame with unique features and benefits that include:

– It is light in weight compared to other strollers
– Is compatible with key fit infant car seats allowing you to enjoy your own travel system.
– Has forward-fold front seat which can be attached to the car seat.
– Can comfortably allow a weight of 40 pounds per seat.
– Comes with automatic storage latch and one-hand activated and self-standing fold for convenience.
– Has storage compartment with compatible child’s ambar and two cup holders for holding infants milk during the journey.
– Comes with independently adjustable canopies.
– Is designed with one-touch linked brakes with front locking swivels and wheel suspensions.

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

This trendy seat and stand is best suited for a young family which is still growing and expanding to grow with it. one child can ride in the front seat while the other is in the backseat and it even gives room for the child to sleep. The two canopies is a perfect sun protection for the little passengers. The seat comes with child tray that can later be removed when children don’t need them anymore or when traveling without them. The seat is designed with a parent organizer and cup holders that you can keep your drinking water, keep your phone or other accessories. It also has a storage basket under the seat to keep your wares or hold everything you need for your journey.

This seat is extremely flexible and is sold separately with the car seat. It is able to accommodate a child of about 3 years and weight of about 40lbs. It has room for adjusting in order for your child to grow in it. As your child grows, the seat can be adjusted to suit child’s every stage of development.

With this seat, your child can enjoy riding from when he is a few days old to that time when you are taking him to his first football game.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

This Echo Double Stroller is a unique one that combines functionality and child’s comfort. It is designed with a side by side functionality which allows an effective fold. It has carry handles to ease movement and travel. With its adjustable zip off rear flaps and stylish twin canopies, the safety and protection of every passenger is well guaranteed. It also comes with other state-of-the-art features like European wheel styling, colored rear tubes, and embroidered seat pads that add value to this seat. The comfortable padded backrest can be simply stretched out using only one hand with every individual seat adjusted to four different positions. The leg rests allows two different position adjustment to enhance comfort while traveling.

Among other features of this stylish and elegant seat include:

– Double front wheels with interlocking swivels and suspension.
– Four position reclining seats that have adjustable leg support for enhanced comfort.
– Rear canopy panel that allows additional enclosure and zip off for enhanced air flow
– Storage basket to assist in carrying baby’s stuff to ensure the baby has everything she needs for the journey.
– Fold and carry handle for ease of movement, carrying, and storage. This will allow you to easily carry it while out of the car.

This seat suits children from the age of six months with a weight of about 40lbs per every seat.

Sleek and Sophisticated

This Stroller is designed with a rich charcoal fabric that makes it elegant and stylish. With its range of useful and outstanding features, it is true to say that this seat is currently the best.

Summer Infant 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller

This is a superb product that is designed as a twin stroller. It is ideal for parents with many children. It is associated with the following amazing features:

Convenience – This stroller takes convenience to a whole new level. It is able to achieve this through its one-hand recline and one-hand fold. It also has a carry strap for ease in transportation. This allows parents to multitask if the need be and also to pack very fast as there is no tedious folding required.

Compact – It is considered to be the most compact fold that is currently available in the market. This provides it with the required stability. In addition, it simplifies pushing as less effort is required.

Seating – The stroller adopts a stadium style of seating that has the potential of holding a combined weight of up to 75 pounds. The carrying capacity is ideal for a family that is still growing. This seating style ensures that sits up higher in the back thus can watch all the action taking place at the front.

Safety – It is equipped with a 5-point-2 padded safety harness to ensure that your baby is safe. There is also an auto lock feature.

Comfort – It has an adjustable calf rest at the front seat, rear seat footrest, padded bumper and easy pop buckles. The product also boasts of a large storage basket, rear storage pocket and a parent cup holder. All of these features are meant to promote comfort in one way or the other as everything is within the user’s reach. You do not have to worry about where to place your phone or purse.

Canopies – The stroller is fitted with 2 enormous canopies that can be adjusted independently. There is a peek-a-boo window at the rear to help in blocking both UVA as well as UVB rays. These provide adequate shade when the sun becomes too much.

Wheels – It is fitted with smooth glide wheels that simplify maneuverability thus making it easy to push. The baby will also enjoy the ride because it literally glides. The rear wheels can easy lock by just tapping the toe.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This is an exceptional product particularly for parents who are blessed with a pair of twins. It has some astounding features as listed below:

Maneuverability – The front swivel wheel locks thus making maneuvering very easy. It can be locked in place during jogging and unlocked for low speed maneuvering.
Tires – It is fitted with some high quality pneumatic bicycle tires.

Canopy – The product has a convenient canopy tom provide the much-needed comfort and shade to your baby.

Convenience – It is fitted with a parent tray that is characterized by a covered storage compartment and 2 cup holders. This ensures that everything that is required is within reach. There are also some MP3 speakers in the parent tray and these are compatible with Apple iPhone and Apple iPod models.

Safety – The product has a 5-point safety harness for the child’s security while he/she is on the move.

Trigger fold – It makes the jogger increasingly compact for travel and storage.

Quality – It is a JPMA certified product thus of good quality.

Seat – The seat recline is of the multi-position type for added comfort.

Material – It is made of top-notch polyester, metal and plastic.

Construction – It has a sturdy build and is light in weight for durability.

City Mini GT Double

This is a futuristic stroller that boasts of deluxe standard features and all terrain capacities. The following are some of the features of the product that might pique the interest of the consumer:

Handle bars – These are adjustable to suit all heights.

Tires – It has non-flat tires that are equipped with front wheel suspension to facilitate a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sun canopy – These are large and adjustable, they have peek a boo windows for vigilant parents.

Seat reclines – The seats are plush-padded to an almost flat position. The seat top is vented for air circulation.

Fold technology – It has a useful quick-fold technology that only requires the use of 1 hand.

Weight capacity – It can comfortably handle up to 100 pounds in total.

Accessory options – Flip flop friendly parking brake that is operated by hand.

Wheels – The swivel front wheels are dual lockable to promote long distance strolling.

Safety – It has five point safety harnesses that are adjustable for enhanced safety. They have buckle cover and shoulder pads.

Graco Duoglider Click Connect Stroller

This versatile double stroller supports two Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats and has safety harnesses for the child’s safety and protection.

Graco DuoGlider stroller comes with a snack tray, two reclining seats each with a rotation canopy, a large storage basket, a footrest,

Additional features are:

Easy to Fold- allows you to fold it quickly with one hand thus freeing the other hand to hold the child.

Easy to clean- the Ready2Grow stroller is made of 20% cotton and 80% polyester. This material is easy to clean, and you can remove the seat cushions, and machine wash them. You can wipe the frame with warm water and soap.

Durability- as a parent you want a stroller that will last. Don’t you? The Ready2Grow stroller sturdy steel and durable fabric that guarantees you use for many years.

Smooth Journeys – the lockable front swivel wheels guarantee you not only a smooth ride but also your child’s safety. You can make turns quickly and lock the wheels to keep the stroller from moving.

This unisex Graco’s Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller can carry children weighing between 5 pounds and 50 pounds each.

UPPAbaby 2017 VISTA Stroller

If you want a durable and stylish stroller, then the UPPAbaby stroller is a solid choice for you.
This stroller can comfortably accommodate a baby from birth up to when they become a toddler. This Vista stroller includes a bassinet, toddler seat, bumper bar, bassinet storage bag, and bug shield.

Other features include:

Basinet- This UPPAbaby stroller comes with a bassinet that allows you to transform it into a pram. There is additional room for another bassinet. It is safe to use this bassinet overnight and its extendable sunshades keep it your baby safe from sun rays.

Storage- This unisex stroller allows one-fold step which makes it easily foldable and does not require a large storage space because of stand up design when folded.

Telescoping handlebar and adjustable canopy- the telescoping handlebar has a button that allows one to adjust the height of the stroller easily. The height of the canopy is flexible and can accommodate the child as they grow.

This VISTA stroller is compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, and Chicco infant car seats. The shock absorption suspensions ensure the comfort of your child from bumps while the performance travel system provides the security and safety of a child.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution FLEX DUALLIE is best suited for joggers and is ideal for on-road and off-road jogging.

This FLEX Duallie is sturdy and can comfortably accommodate two kids each weighing up to 50lb.

Additional features include

Wheels- the front wheels have swivels which help maneuver turns. This swivels also help in increasing the strollers stability on rough terrain or when jogging.

Handlebar- the padded handlebar can easily be adjusted to 9 different positions. This is ideal for parents of different heights.

Folding and storage- This FLEX Duallier stroller double stroller have a simple two-fold system that is convenient for storage or transportation.

Travel system- the travel system is compatible with Britax infant car seats and other seats from other brands.

Tires- the air-filled tires are made of durable polymer. This provides a smooth ride on-road or off-road.

I let you decide! Choose what’s right for you and for your little ones!

Now that you’ve read our top 13 best double stroller reviews, tell me what you think. If you enjoyed this post please send it to your friends and contacts. Thank you in advance!

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