Top 10 Best Stroller Travel System Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

best stroller travel systemBeing parents, we are always cautious about our sweet little babies and their comfort. Travelling for you as parents is really a tough job… Isn’t it?

Before packing your bags, I am sure… you would have asked yourself a number of questions… Is this place right for our visit…? Will the travelling not bother the baby…? How would I carry my baby on those rough streets…? Is there much cold outside…?

To bring you out from this dilemma, would like to give a
straight answer to all your questions and the answer in this post right here.

At the end there’s also a buying guide if you never bought a stroller travel system before.

Top 10 Best Stroller Travel System Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System

Looking for a comfortable, but easy way to travel with your toddler? Look no further than the Graco Comfy Cruiser Travel System. The cruiser, which also comes with highly rated SnugRide Infant Car Seat is the ultimate way for you to head outdoors with your young one. As opposed to other kinds of travel systems, this one comes with a uniquely designed, and adjustable body sustenance that has two different fashions. The fashions can make a transition from a stroller to a car seat. This means that the two seats will remain extra comfy even as the toddler continues to develop.

The baby stroller comes with convenient features such as:

• A single handheld fold
• A parental tray

If you are a mother looking for a convenient travel system, look no further than this. The stroller guarantees comfort for your baby without inconveniencing you in any way. Still not convinced on this? The following are additional reasons why this might just be what you have been looking for:

• Fashionable comfort everywhere—you can use the accompanying body support in a stroller, or in the vehicle seat. As such, you are in a position to create a ride that is not only comfortable but cozy as well, regardless of whether you are using the stroller or the car seat.
• Comfort—it is now easier to ensure that your child remains comfortable when out running your errands. This is all thanks to the padded reclining seat in the baby stroller.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

This is a travel system that features the SafeZone base, and the SafeMax Infant Car Seat. The travel system provides multi-position modular frames with as many as six different modes of use. You can easily convert this stroller into an infant car seat, or carriage mode. In all the different available modes, you can choose whether you want your infant to face inwards or outwards. It is also very easy to fine-tune the different modes.

The carriage mode is deemed the best for infants as it provides cover for the chilly days. It comes equipped with sleek cruiser tires, with the big rear wheels providing for a smooth ride. Wondering why you should give it a shot? Well, it has full coverage canopy, which is not only convenient when in seat fold, but one that also comes with a cup holder for you, and a large storage basket for your groceries. What’s even more amazing? You can easily move the car seat from the base to the stroller in a single click. It also comes with a unique ergonomic handle purposely designed to offer maximum comfort.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System

Have you been finding it difficult for you and your infant to move from one location to another? Well, the Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System is here to make your life easier. It is a travel system that provides great maneuverability, and protection for the infant. It is light, which means that you do not have to worry about the extra load, and is also very easy to operate.

The stroller is ideal for that parent who likes to spend time with their toddlers in the outdoors. The accompanying car seat comes with an impact protection system. The system provides your infant with protection in case of sudden braking, or if you get involved in an accident. The safety system comprises of a steel frame designed to absorb all the energy in the event of a collision. The three-wheeler is compact, and light, and this makes it easy to navigate in tight grocery aisles, or when out in the streets.

Chicco Cortina CX Travel System

This amazing travel system comes fully-loaded with features meant to simplify life for you and the baby. It has adjustable leg support, multiple reclining seats, as well as multiple, positioning all guaranteeing the safety of your baby. With this stroller, you do not have to worry about the baby seating at the wrong angle, and hurting the back.

Do you struggle to find the right seating position for the baby? Well, this no longer needs to be the case. This car seat and the stroller has a memory recline. It means that the seat will remember the last position that the baby was in, and all you have to do is seat the baby. Other additional features include a large basket that you can access from the back or the front, a peekaboo window, and front-wheel suspension meant to guarantee a smooth ride at all times.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System

If you are a growing family, in my mind, it is the best suitable stroller for you Carrying two children at a time is sometimes a hard job as it requires huge attention being a parent.

Have you ever faced such situation where the elder one is sidelined because of the younger one?? If so, then don’t get upset… This travel system offers ride to two children at one time It is a safe and most convenient choice for taking control of the children.

The designing of the stroller is as attractive as it is so easy to lift and fold as per the use it can be easily carried in your cars and can give your babies a soothing comfort all the time

Key features,

  • Sleek look, rear wheels, light-weighted, handy
  • Full canopy, easy installation, safe seat belt
  • Carry children weighted 4 to 35 pounds
  • Cruiser tires, easy push and handle

Disney Amble Quad Travel System

Need a magical experience for you cuddling babies?? Then why to wait? Here we come up with something unique and attractive.

Being a parent, I can understand the importance of a baby’s sleep in your lives. To calm you down and to assure you for a comfortable sleep for your baby, here we come up with Disney Baby Amble Quad Travel System.

This stroller is so smooth in taking in and out that it does not disturb your baby’s beautiful dreams. This is for sure one of the best travel systems available in the market for your infants and growing children.

Now my big question from you all is about the food preparations you need to perform before any travelling. A water bottle, a few snacks, napkins, diapers and never ending list is always in your mind while going out with your babies.

So, this problem is also resolved with Disney Baby Amble Quad Travel System as there is a huge basket for carrying all these stuff.

Key features,

  • Highly adjustable, convertible harness from 5 point to
  • Trouble’ freelifting, ease to hold

Baby Trend Nexton Travel System

If you are experiencing parenthood for the first time and it’s been everything new and unknown for you, then Baby Trend Nexton Travel System is the best choice.

There is always a fear in mind of flipping of tyres or uncontrollable tyres of the strollers. Isn’t it…? Many a times you also experience such risk. Therefore, the key feature of the travel system, which
can attract you the most, is its convenient rear brakes. These brakes help in holding the stroller even single-handed.

Key Features,

  • Padded seat, adjustable height slots, 5-point harness
  • Expandable canopy, removable tray
  • Peek-a-boo window, 3-tiered,
  • Carry children weighed 30 pounds
  • One handed folding, storage basket

Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Stroller

Have you been finding it hard to travel with your child? It is common for parents to come across various hurdles when traveling with infants in cars, or when out at the local mall for shopping. But thanks to the sporty Graco Modes 3 Lite Baby Stroller, this no longer needs to be the case with your outings.

It is the perfect stroller for your weekend shopping trips as it provides you with five ways to ride it. You can use it in the following different ways:

• Traditional travel system
• Car seat on its frame facing the world, or the parent
• Stroller seat on its frame facing the world, or the parent

If this wasn’t enough, it also provides two folding options for when strolling it. You can either store it with or without the infant seat. Worried about the extra weight? Don’t be! It has a sturdy, but the light frame is making it ideal for parents on the move. Additional features include:

• Flexible Fast Action Fold—imagine being able to fold the stroller using one hand, and without exerting any effort. It has a storage lock that engages automatically ensuring that the stroller remains in an upright position at all times.

• Storage Basket—headed to the grocery to do some shopping? You do not have to struggle to hold all your shopping bags while attempting to control the stroller. Just use the storage basket to hold the extra shopping bags for you.

• Pivoted cup holders—these cup holders will come in handy when heading out to the park, or when taking the infant out for a playdate. You can use them to hold the infant’s treasures, snacks, or even drinks.

• Banner fashion—who said strollers had to be plain and boring? The Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Stroller has a beautiful, woven texture that provides it with a simple, but sophisticated look. Its’ simple look means that it’s ideal for use by both boys and girls.

Chicco Bravo LE Travel System

This revolutionary travel system can be described as a three in one travel system that comes complete with features that will make it ideal for your developing child. Thanks to its versatility, you can also use this stroller as a car seat carrier, toddler stroller, or convenient travel system. It comes with three different modes making it easy for you to make adjustments to meet your travel needs, and terrain.

You can remove the canopy to let your child enjoy the warm rays of the sun, or when using it as a carrier. This feature is most helpful for when your infant is seated in the KeyFit. When the baby outgrows the KeyFit, you can do away with the canopy and instead use it as a travel system. It is comfortable for your toddler, and convenient for you, as the person pushing the stroller around. Some of its outstanding features include:

• Can be used as a travel system
• Can be used as a toddler stroller
• It comes equipped with a child tray
• It has a reversible seat insert
• Comes equipped with a parent tray

Graco Modes 3 Lite Baby Stroller

Are you hoping to find a lightweight, but fully loaded baby stroller, and carrier? Well, you just might have found what you are looking for in the Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Stroller. This amazing stroller provides you with five different ways for you to carry the baby. It comes with the SnugRide 35 toddler car seat, Signature FastAction fold, and the sporty, but easy to use sporty 3-wheel.

When out with your toddler, you can ride it in the following ways:

• Stroller seat facing the world or the parent
• Car seat facing either direction
• Traditional travel system

Its fold design is innovative, making it possible to store it either with or without its infant seat. The car seat combo comes with a sturdy, but the very light frame that is easy to lift, or carry to the car when on the move. It simplifies the long trips that you have to make with the young ones.

Some of the modes to look forward to when using the Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Stroller include:

Flexible FastAction Fold

With this mode, you will have access to the one-second hand fold, which you can use together with or without the baby stroller. Additionally, it has a storage lock which will engage automatically ensuring that your stroller remains upright at times.

Storage Basket

Ideal for holding the baby items when traveling. You can also use it to hold your groceries, shopping bags, and various travel essentials.

There you have it. Top 10 Best Stroller Travel System Reviews. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to forward it to your friends and contacts. Thank you in advance!

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