Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller is a 2 in 1 lightweight stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier which makes it easy for travel and comes with a compact 3D fold and a carry handle included.

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

If you guys are at Chicco family like my family is, this is something that you could probably consider for something that is super versatile that goes from being that car seat carrier all the way to being a very very sturdy lightweight stroller.

Now a little bit about the Lite way plus… it is a very rugged stroller right off the bat; it’s made of a very thick and rugged material that Chicco call ____

Here you have the standard five-point harness, a nice little canopy with a peekaboo window, here there are actually little locking mechanisms here that keep the shape and lock it into place, it is adjustable so that you can give varied angles for shade for your little one.

There is a little bit of adjustable leg rest here, it does recline a significant amount and there’s a little bit of a bracket in the back, you squeeze it and you lay it flat; it’s actually a very comfortable angle for your little one to be laying down in the event they get tired while you guys are all out and about.

The frame itself is made out of a very strong and sturdy aluminum; the feel for when you push it around does not feel like a lightweight stroller it’s very very sturdy and very easily maneuverable.

The front tires do rotate but you can lock them up if you want to keep it forward… and cushioned grips as well… is a very very large basket underneath it can actually hold a standard sized diaper bag as well as at least a few other items it’s very very big, actually a lot bigger than most other lightweight strollers out there on the market today.

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Chicco Liteway Plus StrollerOne of the great things about this particular stroller is that it also converts from this stroller to a baby seat carrier specifically the Chicco key fit thirty carseat; however I will warn you if you have to convert from the the car seat carrier to the stroller and back and forth and back and forth you may need to have an advanced degree in nuclear physics to be able to maneuver the buckles, the zippers, the clasps, all sorts of things that are involved in transitioning from one side to the other.

In terms of lightweight strollers there are probably smaller and even lighter options for you on the market today with the light way unfortunately being just a clever name here it really isn’t that light comparatively speaking.

If you’re looking for a stroller that folds down and helps you save space whether it’s in the car or maybe a smaller apartment or a smaller house this is probably not going to be the best bet for you. It does fold down to a very narrow fold but it doesn’t necessarily fold compact like something like the pocket stroller or perhaps the city tour from baby jogger.

It’s not necessarily the most easy or maybe user-friendly fold it does involve a lot of pulls and pushes and kicks and all sorts of stuff it’s not necessarily a one tug push. First you have to take the your foot and disengage the the bracket here by lifting up on it, push down to disengage if you can hear that and so all that does is that it lets you just fold this down nicely here… you’ll hear a little bit of a lock engage on the right-hand side and this is it; it folds down to just about this size. It’s very narrow but it still is pretty long and not necessarily the lightest here and to re-engage you disengage the lock on the side, you hear that snap, and that same first thing that you’ve disengaged by pulling up with your foot you push down to lock it all in place and you’re ready to go.

As compared to the other strollers on the market that are similar to the Chicco lightweight plus this is actually gonna be a little bit more of a budget-friendly option for you; on the market this particular model compares closer to maybe a McClaren stroller kind of the higher end sturdier lightweight strollers and this is going to be leaps and bounds a much better budget option for you, if that is something that you’re worried about on your registry.

Overall despite some of the initial complications and trying to figure out how this thing works, once you get used to it, the Chicco liteway plus is going to be a fantastic option for you if you are looking for a travel system that evolved from early infant stage all the way to the time that you are going to need a lightweight stroller for your toddler and especially if you’re a Chicco family, this is definitely something to consider because of the versatility with the Chicco next fit 30 car seat.

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