Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System comes complete with Evenflo’s Rollover Tested SafeMax Infant Car Seat and stay-in-car base that accommodates infant and children from 4-35 pounds (Stroller maximum weight is 50 pounds). For more features and a more detailed review on this sport stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

The stroller I got is the Evenflo pivot mode modular system I think travel system so it came with a car seat, a car seat base and the stroller. This is how it comes in the package, it just comes with this, with everything separate, even the wheels aren’t on, you just click a man. It was really easy to set up, a lot easier if I read instructions. I kind of made it a little longer because I wasn’t reading the instructions; so you pull a lever and then snaps, it looks like this, looks like this and then it also came with a cup holder for you to use for parents… so I will get the car seat first okay.

This is the car seat, looks like the basic car seat, there’s nothing special about this. Like I said, it did come with this sensor safe thing that you plug in your car and it can tell you if you’d left your car seat in your car; has a basic three-point harness, I’m not sure, and then you snap it onto these… it looks like that and then this… every seat that you see can face either forward or backward. I’m not going to go both ways but the target it’s really nice I like it I mean it’s just a stroller and then to detach it there’s a button back here, you pull there you go… and this isn’t that heavy I mean obviously there’s not a baby in it yet, but it hasn’t seen that heavy yet, so that’s good.

Next is the toddler seat which can also be made into a bassinet so it just looks like this and then for the bassinet, it doesn’t come clip so it’ll kind of be a bassinet mode already; obviously there’s not my baby here so there’s no weight so it doesn’t look, it’s kind of weird, but when you snap it in, it’s not going to lay flat… and then there’s a little lever back here and you just pull it down and then flatten it out a little bit. Now there’s a hood and then it can be a bassinet. And again this can face forward or backward. So I really like that. I really liked the bassinet aspect I was looking for a stroller that could be made into a bassinet and wasn’t too bulky so it’s really nice and then put this down actually.

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This is more of a toddler seat so this would be when your baby isn’t necessarily in their infant car seat anymore and they can fit in this because the seat is kind of big so for the probably the first six months to a year Rory will mainly be in this seat system as a bassinet or in her car seat. She probably won’t be sitting but you just pull up and then I’m not sure if you haven’t rolled to see but there are and then I need to cut this off too but there are Clips back here that you hook together, you have to pull on there very tight, but that’s good. That’s what you want… and then that makes it into like a recliner and there’s a space for the feet and they would just sit up here and the harness you can put this back and it’s just a regular seat and then they also came with a toddler bar and you just plug it in, they can have their snacks or whatever.

It also has a little window for you to look down at if you’re pushing from the back so it literally came with everything and again it came with a car seat base. I did order a second one so that John can have one in his car and it’s not a huge deal to get one out of my car there’s only $70 depending on what car which color you get it comes with a different kind of car seat so the base might be a little cheaper. I think for the other kind think it was like a light max I think that’s what they’re called, it was only fifty maybe or maybe sixty I’m not sure for an extra base so something to keep in mind if price is an issue. But three hundred dollars for a car seat a car seat base a stroller and the toddler seat already and the toddler seat can be the toddler seat or a bassinet is awesome. Like I thought that was great I again I’ll tell you what I wanted in a stroller because sometimes if you depending on what you want this is a necessary what you want but I wanted something that could face forward or backward that was a given I was set on that and if you guys start shaking is because my dog is messing with my tripod… Duke now…

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel SystemSecond, I really wanted something that the seat was detachable because they have so many travel systems or joggers that are super nice and really cheap too – but you can’t take the seat out, you have to put the car seat all day on top of the seat and it’s just so bulky and it just takes up so much room and I just really liked the sleekness of this that when she’s brand new we can honestly put this seat in storage unless we’re going on a longer walk and I want to have her laying down the bassinet style, we can have this part of this seat and storage and only have the car seat in the stroller base and this doesn’t take up that much room it folds up and it folds down really easily and so that was a really big key factor and it was cheaper.

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I was willing to spend way more and I found this one I think I was looking at like the Noona which is insane it doesn’t come with the car seat and it only comes with a stroller base and the toddler seat in the toddler seat couldn’t be a bassinet that you had to buy the bassinet separately and the car seats separately, that really is gonna be over a thousand dollars and it was insane.

But the only one negative thing I saw about this one is that the wheels can kind of wear out but it’s so cheap honestly if they wear out all either have John fix them no I mean I’m assuming you just get tight so it’s like wd-40 or whatever or I’ll go on evenflo and order a new set of wheels because I’m sure they sell that like it was just so it was a it was a big save I mean they have ones that are even cheaper than 300 but it had everything I wanted and the cheapest one on the market for sure. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Strollers are definitely the biggest at least I think unless you have a full nursery I guess your nursery is really expensive too but I don’t have a full nourishment right now so this was definitely the biggest purchase we had, was a stroller and car seat it.

Obviously you want something that’s safe but you also want something that I mean in my opinion this is gonna be something that she’s gonna be in and the car seat part won’t because I read you’re supposed to get a new car seat for every baby but the stroller part will be used for multiple children and I wanted something that I liked, I like the look of it, it wasn’t a bright color I didn’t a red or a blue or a pink I want to just plain black or even a grey and it just had everything I wanted so I really liked it.

Assembly was super easy and it came really fast he ordered it on a Wednesday and it came on a Saturday and I never got an email that it shipped I just got my order confirmation I was like where the heck this hasn’t even shipped yet and then I opened my door to take my dog out to the bathroom and it was there and I was like Oh alrighty.

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  • The toddler part turns into a pram style (bassinet) stroller
  • It fits babies from 4-35lbs
  • Only the frame is collapsible, and only after you detach the car seat/bassinet

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