Maclaren Quest Stroller Reviews [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller has been discontinued by the manufacturer but you can find the model Maclaren Quest Stroller on Amazon … For more features and a more detailed review on this sport stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

The quest sport is the third in line of the McLaren strollers; you first have the bolo the basic stroller; then next is the popular triumph and then we have the quest sport.

The quest sport has four more features than the triumph and we’re going to go over that during my review. First let’s talk about the seat. The seat on the quest board is a 18 and a half inch seat back. Seat back to canopy is 27 inches that allows enough headroom for most tall kids. I would put my six-year-old in here. not recommended. but he’s ahead actually cleared the canopy.

The seat width is 12 and a half inches which is going to be wide enough for the growth of most kids. What this quest sport has that the triumph does not have is a seat extender. All you’re going to do is pull your loops out of the seat and you’ve got a really nice leg extender for smaller infants. It’s nice and cushy and it gives lots of support. This stroller supports infants 3 months and older. Older kids are going to get the rubber simple footrest which is adequate and comfortable for kids.

Next we have the fantastic five-point safety harness. Now I love this harness, this is one of the most heavy-duty durable harnesses I’ve ever seen on any stroller. What it is is you have to use two hands to unbuckle the store, you’ve got to squeeze from the front and the back, like so that it pops right out, but I guarantee you any little Escape Artist is not going to get out of this harness. I love it. It’s really simple to hook back together, just got to get a lined up right, and it allows it’s adjustable and allows room for growth for your child.

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maclaren quest strollerNow this stroller is called the denim and it’s a limited edition stroller and if you take a look up here you’re going to see the little leather tag with a McLaren logo on it just like you see on the back of your favorite jeans and what I like about this seat is that you can take off the seat, it’s removable and you can wash it and over time it’s going to fade out just like your favorite pair of jeans and it’s going to look fantastic.

The recline on the quest sport has four recline positions, the triumph has only two so you’re going to lift up on either side of these levers to recline your seat and this is the farthest back that it goes; so when you see how far back this is, the recline goes along with your seat extender up, you’re going to have a nice soft cushy place for younger babies and for your older ones to have a nice nap.

Now let’s talk about the sun canopy. Now the sun canopy on the quest sport is okay, it’s not the largest but it’s adequate enough, some moms and dads will buy a sun canopy extender for their McLaren’s and this is one area that MacLaren’s kind of been skimpy on over the years but it will do.

One of the great versatility features of the sun canopy though is the fact that you can just take it right off on the dues and pull it back and you can just slip it right off the frame – right there – and you’ve got a feeling like some umbrella stroller without the hood. You slip it back on just as simply. Now let me show you the fold.

Now let’s talk about the fold on the McLaren Quest sport. You may or may not have noticed but on the frame of new models and MacLaren’s you’ve got a new hinge back in 2009 there was a hinge recall and because little fingers were getting hurt so they’ve redesigned the folding mechanism of the all McClaren strollers and from 2011 and going forward McLaren plans even higher safety standards. Folding is pretty easy all you’re going to do is make sure that your seat is in the upright position, make sure that your basket is empty, and then you’re going to fall back your hood, then you’re going to lift up on the left back lever there, push down on this lever and pull forward. You get an automatic frame lock which is going to hold your stroller together and on this model you’ve got a convenient carry handle.

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This stroller also has a nice carry strap with it that you attach to the frame so that you can put it over your shoulder. The stroller weighs only 13 pounds so it’s a real popular stroller for families to take with them traveling.

Unfolding is just as easy. Simply unlatch your frame lock, push it down and out. Quite easy. I’m five foot seven, the handles come up to about 41 inches which is a very comfortable height for pushing the stroller and I found that when I was pushing the stroller. If I was to walk really fast my feet would bump up against the back of the stroller, but this is not a stroller meant for exercise and power walking, it’s meant for strolling around on sidewalks so this is not really an issue for me.

Storage and amenities. The storage basket is a average size; you’re going to fit a medium sized person there, you’re not going to get much else, but the problem is when you have your seat in full recline it’s going to be pretty much impossible to access your belongings, so you’re going to have to make sure your seat is in the upright position before getting your thing.

Now in the back of the denim model we’ve got a kind of a cool pocket on the back and I find it’s a good size for smartphones, keys, cameras that kind of thing.

Now one of the features that the quest sport has that the triumph does not have is a viewing window on the back. What? Yeah! On this stroller though we don’t have a viewing window because it’s a special edition denim model but on the other McLaren Quest sport models you’re going to get a viewing window and that’s something that the triumph does not have.

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  • The Maclaren Quest Stroller model includes a premium wind-resistant rain cover
  • Self-Service replaceable parts available
  • Basic weight: 12.5lb; Suitable for newborn and up to 55lbs

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