Top 8 Reclining Umbrella Stroller Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

reclining umbrella strollerAre you looking for an umbrella stroller that reclines? One which features a compact design and brings your little one comfort and convenience? One which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Then this article will provide you with the answer. We offer 8 reclining umbrella stroller options to choose from.

One of these ‘lightweight strollers’ can be your ideal choice, just check out this chart below, and at the bottom we also have a buy guide if you’ve never bought a reclining umbrella stroller before.

Top 8 Reclining Umbrella Stroller Reviews [2018] Comparison Chart

Summer infant 3dlite Convenience Stroller

If you are searching for a stylish lightweight and feature rich convenience stroller then 3D Lite convenience stroller can be the best choice for you. It is one of the lightest, easy-to-use and durable strollers because of the carry straps provided with it and its foldable aluminum frame. You won’t face any issue whatsoever using it at all.

Relaxing features

Innovative lightweight aluminum frame, large storage basket, open design, pop-up canopy, cup holder and almost flat reclining seat are some of the features of this stroller that make it more relaxing for its users. It not only allows you to change diapers on the go but also keep you baby almost completely safe from harmful rays of the sun. Its cup holder allows you to put-in your cup of coffee or water while going out. It is available in 6 variants to choose from.

Things included

This convenience stroller includes stroller frame with seat, 4 wheels, storage basket, canopy, carry strap, cup holder and instruction book.

Compact and air-Light

The all aluminum frame of 3D Lite stroller makes it exceptionally durable and lightweight as its total weight is not more than 13 pounds. Its compact design can be folded in three easy steps:

Lift the handle on the rear

Use foot to push the lever

Fold it down

You can easily carry it anywhere due to its carry strap and auto-lock system

Modifiable canopy

You can almost completely block harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun to affect sensitive skin of your baby with the help of its modifiable and large canopy with a pop-up sun screen.

Reclining seat with harness for 5 points protection

The open design and almost flat reclining seat makes this stroller ideal for changing diapers or taking a nap as compared to traditional stroller with X frame. Its padded harness for safety at 5 points can be adjusted to three height levels to adjust your growing child comfortably.

Lots of storage space

It also allows you to store your bags and purse along with diapers of your child as well as your keys and mobile phone in the pocket on the rear and an extra large basket underneath. Bottle of the baby or your beverage can be placed in the cup holder.

McLaren Triumph Stroller

It is an ideal stroller for stylish and lightweight rides for long trips or daily chores. Its best features include completely padded seat with cushioned leg support and reclining at multiple positions.

Compact and lightweight

Its chassis is made of aircraft grade aluminum to make it world’s lightest stroller. It is ideal for families living in condos as its compact design allows them to fold and auto lock it to store in small space or carry away with its carry strap.

Self replaceable parts

It is easy to maintain as its specially designed replacement parts like handle grips, wheels, hood and seat can be replaced without any external help.

Extra-large flexible hood and sun screen

The large extendable hood and built-in sun screen almost completely protect your baby from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Construction as per global safety standards

Maclaren produce every product as per safety standards acclaimed globally.

Additional features

It is suitable for children up to 55 pound and 6 months age

Its basic weight is 10.8 pound/ 4.9 kg

Machine washable and removable seat

No assembly required

Premium rain and wind resistant cover

Inglesina Net Stroller

With only 11.2 pound weight, this is the lightest net stroller introduced by Inglesina in 2018. It has a number of quality features like:

Mesh seat cover

The base if seat cover is made of mesh to keep your baby dry and provide air circulation in warmest months


It is an ideal stroller for travelling as its net weight is only 11.2 pounds.

Washable and removable seat pad

Its seat pad can be removed and washed to provide maximum comfort to the child

Reclining seat

Its seat can be reclined in two positions to allow your baby to have a sound nap

Realistic shoulder carry strap

Its carry strap allows you to carry it easily on your shoulder wherever you go.

Self-standing frame

It can stand independently in folded condition and can be opened and closed easily while using.

Canopy with UPF 50+ rating

Its canopy protects your baby from harmful sun rays as it is rated for UPF50+.

Maclaren Quest Stroller

When it comes to selecting a stroller for your baby, what comes to your mind? Well in most mums, the basic thing is the comfort of the baby. As much as that’s the truth, there are many other factors that you need to consider such as quality, reliability, and portability of the stroller among and size amongst other factors. But with so many brand names on the market, it can be tricky for new mothers to pick one stroller with all these features. But with Maclaren Quest Stroller, you have exactly what you need. Here are key features that make the sneaker standout:

• Newborn Safety System

The newborn safety is design to help support young and fragile babies. It is not possible for a newborn to sit or support themselves. To keep them safe and comfortable, this system is deployed right beneath the seat to create a lie-flat cocoon for the newborn.

• 5-Point Harness

The features ensure that the little one is firmly in place. The non-padded 5 point harnessed with a center release buckle keep the toddler safely in position. It is tough for the toddler to unlock the buckle but very easy for the mum. Two-finger release buckle makes this Maclaren line of strollers the safest seat for toddlers. The straps are thick and extremely durable for longer life.

• Shock-Absorbing 4-Wheel Suspension

If you are taking your little one out in the park or just around the neighborhood, then they need protection against shocks from rough surfaces. That is Maclaren Quest stroller comes with shock-absorbing features in all the 4 wheels. That way, mums can steer effortless, and the toddler can get a super-smooth ride.

• Storage pocket

If you’ve things that you want to carry around such toddler milk or food, Maclaren Quest stroller comes with a storage pocket in the back of the set. The pocket is positioned in a place where mums can conveniently reach while pushing the stroller. Do you know that you can also store your small essentials such phones in this pocket? Well, now you know.

Maclaren Quest Stroller Pros:

• Good for newborns and children up to 55lbs

• Newborn Safety System
• Extendable waterproof canopy

• Removable and washable seat

• Wind-resistant rain cover
• No assembly required

UPPABaby G-Luxe Stroller

For mums looking for lightness without compromising on the functionality; this product from UPPAbaby is what you are looking for. UPPAbaby G-luxe stroller is also the perfect stroller for those looking for a small and space-saving stroller, especially for travels without missing on their favorite features. With G-luxe stroller, you all the convenience that you need with the features and style you want.

Here are the main G-luxe stroller features.

• Extendable UPF 50+ Sunshade

Maclaren has taken the safety of the little one very serious while designing Quest Stroller. The use of expandable hood and sun visor helps to protect from direct sunlight and any falling particles. Babies are susceptible to harmful UV rays, and with this stroller, they will get absolute protection. So you can enjoy the sunshine with the little one.

• One-Handed Recline

UPPAbaby G-luxe stroller is designed to provide the kid with absolute comfort all the time. If you don’t want to disturb the kid during naptime, you can let the little one sleep comfortably in the reclining seat which comes with adjustable footrest.

• Easy to Remove Fabrics + Seat Pad

Cleaning the fabric is critical for the health of the toddler. Sometimes there could be a spill, or the little one could have peed on it. For G-luxe stroller, the fabric is easy to remove and machine washable. The seat pad is also to unlock and thus you will not a problem removing the fabric.

• Ideal for Quick Trips

So are planning a trip? Well, G-luxe stroller is the perfect option for you. These strollers are easy to fold, and they can fit in a very small space. In fact, you just need your hands to fold this piece of equipment, and you are good to go. Once folded, the G-luxe stroller can stand on its own.

• Tall Handlebars + Included Cup Holder

The company has ensured that parents of all heights are catered. By designing G-luxe stroller with tall handlebars, it provides a comfortable ride for parents of all heights. The inclusion of the cup holder ensures that you don’t get dehydrated while on the go.

• Durable Wheels + One-step Brake

The g-luxe stroller has high-performance, 5.75″ wheels that are providing mums with extreme maneuverability. It can handle busy streets, ground or uneven pavements without any problem. The one-step brake helps to bring your stroller to a safe stop.

G-luxe stroller Pros

• lightweight a
• Removable height adjustable canopy.

• Perfect choice for children 3 months to 55lbs.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Mums love style and taste, right? Well, that is a fact. Chicco Liteway Stroller is the perfect definition of these two terms. In addition, the compactness, trendy colors, elliptical tubing, modern tailoring and high-tech wheels are some of the factors that makes this stroller a favorite among parents. Do you love traveling or planning the trip? If yes, then this is an excellent choice of stroller.

Chicco’s compact and 3D fold makes it perfect for trips. Chicco Liteway Stroller is extremely versatile in that you can adjust the seat recline in 5 positions. In addition, the hide-away boot encloses the little one when the seat is fully reclined.

The designs of the wheels provide the parent with incredible maneuverability. The front swivel wheels enable you to move on business streets with a lot of ease. The toe-tap braking feature helps you bring the stroller to a safe halt. You can also use to keep the stroller still. Chicco Liteway Stroller is great for newborns to 40 lbs.

Here are the main pros of Liteway Stroller:

• Compact fold for portability
• Lightweight
• Front swivel wheels for maneuverability

• suspended real wheel for a smooth ride
• Adjustable canopy
• Large storage basket
• Parent cup holder for hydration

Maclaren Volo Stroller

Maclaren Volo stroller is designed for the active parents and children. It is lightweight, easy to fold, easy to carry, and easy to maneuver as well. The stroller is compact and comes with a breathable mesh seat that makes it an ideal option for warm weather. The compact size, foldable feature, and lightweight make it one of the best selling strollers.

Why should you buy Maclaren Volo stroller?

Compact and lightweight: High-tech aircraft grade aluminum frame, foldability, compact size, carry strap, and auto-lock make it a perfect choice for the limited spaces.

Replaceable parts: This stroller will come with self-service replaceable parts. You can buy accessories and a few parts including seats, handle grips, hoods, and wheels separately.

Sun Visor with oversized expandable hood: It will have an oversized hood to protect your baby from the harsh weather conditions. There will be a sun visor to protect from the harmful UV rays.

Global standard safety construction: It is made of the best quality material and meets all the global safety standards.

What are the features?

• Designed for six months and above and will support up to 55lbs.
• Single seat position.
• Built-in sun visor &UPF 50+ sun canopy.
• Removable and machine washable seat.
• Weight: 4.8 kg.
• Self-service replaceable parts.
• 4 wheel suspension.
• No assembly required
• Wind-resistant rain cover.

Inglesina USA Trip Stroller

If you are looking for a sporty stroller, Inglesina USA Trip Stroller is designed for you. This stroller is a great combination of improved performance and stylish design. It comes with attractive color options and a charming Italian design with great mobility. The trip stroller will make you agile and motivated. It is lightweight and compact that makes it a good option for the transportation.

Inglesina USA Trip Stroller can protect your baby from the harsh weather conditions. It will have a standard hood and extended canopy to protect your little one from the rain. Some of the key features are the umbrella folding system and compact size for the easy storage. You will have the ergonomic handles for the easy maneuverability. Besides, there will be reclining, adjustable leg rest, and four-position backrest for great support and optimal comfort. It will come with a roomy storage basket and rain cover canopy, and cup holder. The trip will now come with ergonomic padded folding bumper bar with a matching color of the seat.

What are the features?

• Designed for three months and supports up to 55 pounds.
• Dimensions: 11” x 15” x 41 when closed.
• Dimensions: 19”x 43”x 30 when open.
• Weight: 14.5 pounds.
• Imported.
• 100% polyester.
• Accessories include a cup holder, bumper bar, matching storage basket, and padded shoulder strap.
• Adjustable safety harness.
• Carry handle and folding system for easy storage.
• Large hood, peek-a-boo window and additional hood flat to protect your baby from the weather elements.
• Adjustable footrest, 4-position basket, and reclining to offer maximum comfort to your little one.

Why should you buy Inglesina USA Trip Stroller?

Carry handle: You will have a convenient and easy-to-use carry handle for the easy usage. You can use it to take the stroller out and inside of your vehicle, train, or cab.

Window and a roomy basket: Your baby will not be disturbed while pushing the stroller. You can observe your baby without taking a break.

Accessories: A lot of accessories will be there to meet your unique needs. You do not need to buy them separately. You will have the shoulder pads, bumper bar, and cup holder.

Folding system: Inglesina USA Trip Stroller can be open and closed with a single hand. You can easily fold it as well. After folding, it will be extremely compact and will take a very little space for the storage. Moreover, you can pull it with your one hand once it is folded.

Adjustable leg rest and 4-position recline: Inglesina USA Trip Stroller comes with all the improved features to offer comfort to your little one. There will be a 4-position reclining to make your baby comfortable in the stroller. Besides, you will have a leg rest that is adjustable. Your baby can take a happy ride and can take a nap whenever required. There will be rear-wheel suspensions to offer a stress-free ride on the bumpy sidewalks.

Rain cover: There will be a rain cover to protect your baby from the weather elements. Besides, the fabric of the seat of the stroller is water repellent to offer a great protection from the bad weather conditions.

There you have it. Top 8 Reclining Umbrella Stroller Reviews. Next, make a smart buying decision by going with the umbrella stroller that fits your needs and budget.

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