Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. For more features and a more detailed review on this umbrella stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

I’m going to be doing a baby product review on this awesome umbrella stroller that I recently purchased and in loving. Definitely 5 stars for me on this stroller. It is really really amazing. So first off when I decided to look under umbrella stroller I did a lot of research on Amazon, I looked at all the reviews and I also went to Toys R Us and could test them out in person, see how easy they were to function and just appearance wise what would like the best quality for the price.

I decided on getting the stroller here… is the Summer Infant 3d light convenient stroller. It is so comparable in quality in appearance to the UPPAbaby G luxe stroller and it’s not even like a third of the price you guys.

This stroller here was listed as a best seller on Amazon it was Amazon Prime so it got to me super quickly and it had four and a half star rating out of 330 people ,so I thought that was pretty good.

I’m going to start off by just telling you the features the stroller has and then I’ll go ahead and show you like a demonstration of how I use it. It’s really really easy and when I put it together it was super simple assembly, which I love. I hate having to do like assembly on things that just like takes a long time because being a mom you don’t have a lot of time and even like this super simple assembly I had Abbas in like trying to crawl all over me and I was like trying to like get the wheels put in and he’s trying to like climb on my lap, climb on the stroller and I’m just like ah… so super simple assembly is key in my book.

So first off this stroller is for six months and up to 50 pounds which is the first thing that it says on this little pamphlet thing, well it’s not a pamphlet it’s like this paper that has all of the features on it. Go down here, it says it holds up to 50, it starts at six months old, but that is the name feature that I really liked about the stroller besides uh you know the compact and lightweight of it, I really liked that it would be able to last for a long time for my son.

My son is really small, he is only about 13 months old, but he’s a really long boy so he will be able to use the stroller for a very long time because I don’t see him hitting the 50-pound mark for quite a while.

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Alright the next feature that it has is a cup holder, so right here is where you’ll see your cup holder; it’s really easy to put on and attach. If you can see it, has just this little slide down here, so all you do is you take this little knob here and you just slide it on down. Listen to it snap and there you go.

I advise not to put hot drink but it has a hot drink and a line through it but I never put hot drinks anywhere on the upper part of my stroller even if I have like the other ones that go across. I never put hot drinks in there just because anything could happen, stroller could tip over or anything like that and hot coffee or hot tea or whatever hot beverage can go all over and scald your child and that just terrifies me along with every other thing in the world, but we’re moms, that’s what we do, we panic about everything.

So you have like a soda or any kind of drink, the only downside of this is, it’s pretty small, so like I have a water jug that’s a lot bigger than this, it wouldn’t fit in here, but I can always just start with down here in the undercarriage, there’s so much room, but I feel like that’s kind of a feature of a lot of cup holders that only have certain different sizes that it will accommodate.

Other Umbrella Strollers I Was Looking at
Only Had One Recline Position

However there is another similar snap right down here; this is actually your lock snap which is where this locks the stroller. When you close it, it’s going to lock on there, but if you want to, you can attach it from the top, attach it down here, and you have a little convenient cup for your child to be able to reach to, if you want to put their sippy cup in there, and whatever drink they have or having a snack in there and they want access to their drink, it’s right there. But if you do put it here you have to unattach it before you close it so that it can snap back into lock position.

So the next feature is it has a multi-position reclined which is really nice. I know a lot of other umbrella strollers I was looking at only had one position and didn’t recline or incline back up to like different positions, so this one actually has several different positions that you can do which I think is great because I know my phone one if he gets tired and we can’t lay down he is not a happy camper, so I like the fact that this can go all the way down and all the way up. so I’ll show you.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience StrollerNow in order to recline it, you’ll find these two red buttons on the back of your stroller. All you do is press them down and pull the seat backward and look at how far that goes you guys. That is so serious recline action, like your child is basically flat with a slight incline which is exactly how my son likes to sleep, I don’t know about yours.

I also love the fact that this seat goes so far forward which I noticed a lot of them didn’t show this far and it has this great footrest down here, which some umbrella strollers don’t have – I don’t really like my son just like dangling without being able to put them anywhere when he gets to be a link to do that – so I like that he has somewhere to rest his feet and he has a lot of room to grow into this because it goes so far out in the seated position.

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So if I want to put the seat back into an incline position or upright position all you do is push it up and you’ll hear it click, so I will show you.

One, so then there you have this position here, which is slightly inclined and then another, and then another, so there are three different reclining positions which is really nice to have all those different actions.

Alright guys so the next feature is the compact fold that it has, so obviously an umbrella stroller is going to be known for having a compact fold because that’s the whole purpose mainly of an umbrella stroller. You want something that is lightweight and compact to just close really quickly, open really quickly and be able to store in a really confined space which is really what I was looking for in an umbrella because the other stroller that I have, that I love, which is my UPPAbaby Vista stroller, it just takes up my entire trunk space. Once I get the stroller in there, I have no access to any room in my trunk anymore and I haven’t been able to use my trunk in about a year or 13 months to be exact, so it’s really nice to be able to like go shopping and have somewhere to store stuff besides trying to stuff everything around his car speed in the front seat.

So that is one main reason why I wanted an umbrella stroller. So I will demonstrate to you guys in a little bit how to open and close the umbrella stroller and this one I feel goes really compact, which is awesome.

So the last feature is just that it is lightweight which is another really great thing for an umbrella stroller because my regular stroller is pretty heavy even though it’s really easy to like open and close, it does take some arm muscle to be able to lift it put it in and out of the car; this is so easy, I can lift it with one hand, it’s probably about five pounds. I don’t like know exactly how much it weighs, but like, just like doing like up and downs with it it feels about five pounds, maybe even less.

And then it has this really convenient size strap here, we can’t really see, but once you compact it and I’ll show you guys… all you do is throw that over your shoulder… it can carry it inside or outside of house.

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We have this Sun Visor here, I got my stroller in blue so it has the blue on the Sun Visor and all so on the strap ___ inside. I just really love the blue color, my actual baby stroller is pretty much the exact same blue which is why it looks really similar to the baby G-luxe, so you pull this down and then you press this down on either side, it’ll lock the sunshade in place and there is also a visor that you can pull down as well. So it has pretty good coverage as far as the sunshade goes.

When you are going to put it away, close this back in, lift these back up on both sides and it’ll just prop right back down now.

I really really love this stroller, I give it five stars, hands down. I am very happy with my umbrella stroller purchase and I probably would have gotten uppababy g-luxe umbrella stroller but because it’s a hundred and seventy-five dollars it kind of defeats the purpose of having an expensive stroller that you don’t have to worry about because you don’t want to have to go somewhere like Disneyland or in the park and have to like worry about your stroller getting stolen because I know that if I were to take my UPPAbaby Vista stroller which is like it’s a pricey stroller and you’re not going to want to leave that stroller unattended anywhere, just because some people are shady and they will steal a stroller.

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  • It reclines all the way back.
  • Doesn’t have a snack tray
  • The canopy looks small and does not provide good coverage.

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