Thule Urban Glide Reviews [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? You can turn your Thule Urban Glide into a travel system with the car seat adapter (sold separately) plus – it has a one-handed compact fold for storing and easy transporting. For more features and a more detailed review on this baby stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today I am on a park location to show you the Thule urban glide stroller.

Now, this isn’t only a great everyday stroller but it’s a great sport and jogging stroller. It comes in a single that we’re going to show you today but it also has a double option, so let’s take a look.

Let’s go ahead and start with the seat. The urban glide has a nice roomy seat with a weight capacity of 75 pounds. Now guys you want a high weight capacity on a sports stroller because unlike regular strollers your kids not going to probably ride after age four or five years old, but when you want to jog or you want to use this for you, you’re probably going to put an older kid in the stroller.

I Love a Stroller with a Highway Capacity up to 75 Pounds…

I put my seven and eight year old in a stroller before when I wanted to jog long distances because they can’t keep up; so I love a stroller with a highway capacity up to 75 pounds that gives that probably a 7 to 10 year old guys. So I love the fact that the seat is roomy, it is 15 inches wide with a 21 inch defect and a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy of 25 inches.

It has a great padded secure five-point harness and what I love about this harness is the buckle, this is some Houdini proof. You know you have those toddlers that can escape the harness and they’re like jumping out of the stroller. Not this one. This buckle is easy for the parents to do but so impossible for your toddler to do. Don’t show them the trick. It’s a two-handed buckle, you have to push both red buttons with your thumb while squeezing the black buttons underneath and that is the only way to release it.

Kids cannot figure that out on their own and then they have to stay seated. The last thing you want is your child to be unbuckling themselves mid-run, so I love the buckle on this.

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Also there are two mesh pockets on the side of the seat and that could be a sippy cup or snacks or whatever you would like.

The recline is a one-handed or reclined down, it’s a strap recline, it’s very deep, great for a nap, and then with just two hands, you just pull and squeeze and that goes back up like that. So I love the fact that it has a deep reclined.

Now before we go down to the basket I want to show you that there is a large mesh storage pocket on the back of the seat, plus when you recline it, there is a mesh window here that allows air to circulate through the seat to keep your baby cool while you’re out and about, and then you can just tuck that up there, air can circulate too, unless it’s cold and then you go ahead and put that down.

The Basket Underneath is Fantastic!

It has two little magnetic closures to hold it and then you go ahead and put your seat right up. Now the basket underneath is fantastic, actually it’s not even a basket, it’s more of a storage compartment, it has a zippered lid it’s water-resistant, so if it were to start raining, your contents of your storage compartment would stay dry. It also keeps the contents out of sight, which I love, there’s also a pocket right here, so that you can throw your wallet or your keys, but the storage compartment is quite roomy.

I can get a large diaper bag in here, that’s the Jujubee BFF and it fits nicely in there and I could still zip it closed and everything and it will be completely out of sight. And then when I want to go ahead and access the contents, all I have to do is open up the lid and I can get the diaper bag out easily.

thule urban glideThe urban glide has a three wheel design like all sport and jogging strollers. It rolles on a front wheel that is air fill and twelve inches, the rear wheels are a large 16 inch air filled tires. You want large wheels in the back guys when you’re using it for jogging or sport use, it’s going to make much easier to push.

I also love that it has rear wheel suspension and you can see the suspension, not only can you see it on the stroller, but you can see it absorb the bounces, so I love that.

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And also in the front it’s a 360 degree swivel wheel like that, but it has the ability to lock straight with this big blue not here, there are blue things on here and that means they have a function on the stroller, so you just go ahead and turn that, it locks it into place you want to jog with a stroller with a fixed front wheel on, and this does that. So I love the fact that that’s a fixed front wheel, then if you are using it for everyday use and you just turn it and it lets it go free.

There’s also a little tracking dial here so in case when it is locked like that and the stroller is it’s completely going straight, so it took like a little alignment dial, so that you can allow the stroller to go a little straighter.

The stroller also has a one-step brake, you just step down on the red pedal like that and it’s going to lock it into place and then you lift up with the top of your foot.

Let’s talk about the handlebar and the canopy. It’s a foam covered ergonomic handle bar that is adjustable up and down for shorter and taller parents, which is fantastic. It sports a runaway strap which you’re going to put that on your wrist and in case when you’re jogging and you let go of this roller, it’s not going to keep going because it’s attached to your wrist.

Now the canopy – this is a fantastic canopy, it’s two large panels plus a pop-out Sun Visor, it’s courts and large peekaboo window on top with a cover and I love that the cover has magnetic closures to keep it closed or you can go ahead and roll it up and tuck it under, if you want to keep a constant eye on your child.

Now this is a floating canopy and that means I can move it down in front of my child to follow the Sun or I can just keep it back like that, so I really like the sun protection on this.

The Stroller Literally Glides Along When You’re Running…

Now the maneuverability on the urban Glide is fantastic, the stroller literally glides along when you’re running, maybe that’s why they called it urban glider, I don’t know, but the maneuverability is really really easy to do. You can turn it with one hand with the front wheel swiveling, it glides when you’re running or when you’re using it for everyday use, the rear wheel suspension absorbs the bumps, so you’re really not going to have to fight with the stroller when you’re using it for sport use, which I love that.

Folding the stroller is really easy, it has a one-handed fold, all you have to do is lift up this piece right here by the foot wrist, there is a big blue handle right there, all you have to do is slide over twist and it folds down like that. It has a standing fold, it does have a lock, but it’s a manual strap lock over here, you just go ahead and click lock that if you want to keep it in place.

This stroller is super light guys, it is only 23 pounds, very very easy to transport, plus when you have it folded down, as long as you don’t lock it, go ahead and unlock it, you can pull it behind you, if you are moving it from place to place. But at 23 pounds it’s really easy to pick up as well.

It Unfolds With One Hand

Now unfolding it, you just have to undo your lock, if it’s locked into place you just go ahead and lift your handle up like that. It’s a really easy one-hand unfold and fold, so I really really like that.

So there you go guys that’s my look at this stroller. It comes as a single like we showed you today. It also comes as a double. I love that it has an adjustable ergonomic handle, I love the roomy seat with a high weight capacity of 75 pounds, so you could allow a older child to jump in for a ride, I like the storage compartment under the seat that has the zippered lid that’s water resistant and I like the tires, so that’s it.

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  • It has a large storage compartment with zippered water resistant cover.
  • It features a peak-a-boo window with magnetic closure to keep an eye on your child
  • The textiles are not removable

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