UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller Review [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? With UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller you can say ‘hello’ to lightness without saying ‘goodbye’ to functionality. For more features and a more detailed review on this umbrella stroller, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re gonna be talking all about Uppababy’s lightweight stroller, the G-luxe. It is a great stroller if you’re looking for something that’s super light without sacrificing all of the great features that you get from a full size stroller okay. So we’re just gonna go through some of the features that you’re not sacrificing when you purchase this lightweight stroller in particular.

First off, a huge issue with a lot of lightweight strollers is the canopy; you always end up with this tiny dinky little canopy that doesn’t do anything and who knows why it’s on that stroller or you get no canopy at all.

The UPPAbaby canopy is super nice, the G-Luxe actually has their full size canopy so remember when you have this one, but then you have the pop out as well, so this, as you can see, goes all the way to the front, so it totally blocks out your child especially when you’re out like big events which is often where you would be taking a stroller like this if you’re walking straight into the sun, which happens a lot, you’re not your child isn’t gonna be like have all that sun in their eyes and be complaining because you can just flip that right down when you don’t eat it ,it flips right back into the regular canopy, so you’re all good to go.

The G Luxe Actually Comes With an Extra Pad

The next thing is a seat pad. We’re all used to those umbrella shoulders that just have the little hammocks in there and which is fine like of course it holds your child but it doesn’t look very comfortable and it can be really hard to clean as well.

The G Luxe actually comes with an extra pad on here so it’s just velcro to the regular seat pad, so this is a nice thick, as you can see, it’s about half inch to an inch thick, and that’s just the velcro to the regular seat; sits on top makes, makes it a really nice cushion for your child to sit in and then on top of that you can take it on off and throw it in the washer any time it gets dirty so it’s a super easy clean and it doesn’t take your stroller out of commission… so for instance say you’re at the zoo and your child’s holding a drink and they spill it because that never happens right you can just rip that off, put it down into the basket, wash it when you get home, but still use your stroller throughout the rest of the day. Such a nice feature.

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uppababy g-luxe strollerAnother great thing about the fabric especially this pad right here is that it’s stain and water resistant so even if your child does spill on it it’s not gonna soak into the pad which is gonna be fantastic and then it’s not gonna keep any bad stains as well.

The nice speaking of the basket a lot of the times you don’t get a basket on umbrella strollers, you get a pretty good sized basket down there. Okay, the last two parts of the stroller that really make it a winning umbrella stroller are the cup holder and the wheels.

So first off with this cup holder it comes with the stroller so it’s not an accessory you have to buy, it comes in the box when you purchase the G luxe and it’s actually really sturdy, so like you can see me kind of pushing on it I’m even pushing out with my whole hand it stays on really well so and it’s actually a good size you could stick a good size water bottle or cup in there and be really comfortable with that inside that it’s not gonna spill or tip around. Such a great feature again, you don’t find that on any umbrella strollers.

Wheels… they’re more beefy…

Finally you have the wheels so a couple different things with the wheels; number one, they’re a little bit larger than most umbrella strollers, they’re more beefy, they’re that nice hard plastic and that regular full-size strollers have often but you usually only find like the little dinky plastic ones on umbrella strollers; these ones are a nice full rounded wheel that’s plastic.

These front two wheels actually have a locking mechanism so you can lock them in place so you’re gonna go ahead and lock them in place and that is gonna make them not swivel which means if you’re going over grass or gravel or anything like that it’s gonna be a much smoother ride for your baby and easier for you to push.

The G-Luxe frame also features a four wheel suspension so every point on the stroller has suspension – if you look at me and push it down you can see – that’s gonna provide a really smooth ride for your kids.

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Another cool thing about the deluxe is that it has a five-point harness; you don’t ever find this in an umbrella stroller so it’s super nice. So it has your shoulder straps right here, your lap straps and then your crotch strap right here. It has a nice secure buckle that you’re not going to beat your kid isn’t gonna be able to get out of, you have to push it pretty hard. So that’s a super nice feature, it’s easily adjustable, you just unloop it from the clip, thread it back through this, turn it down to where you need it and put it back through. So easy to change.

Because it has a five-point harness, you can actually use it for as young as three months old and then the weight capacity of the stroller itself goes up to 55 pounds which gives you a really long life stroller. Another cool thing about this seat is the calf rest, so what this enables you to do is for when you have younger children to make the seat a little shorter and your older children to see a little longer or if they’re taking a nap or something. So all you do it’s a little springboard where you kind of have to like push it you just push these right here, move it down and then what it will stay. When you do fold it, it will go back up flat, so just be aware of that, but while you’re using it, it will stay down, they can rest their feet down here or if they need to take a nap or you’re needing a little bit more like of a laid grass type idea, just push those in again, move it up. You’re good to go.

Another great thing about the G-Luxe is it’s reclined positions; so as you can see – this is the upright position and then it has one that’s just slightly reclined and then another one where it’s almost flat – such a great option. So everyone is always worried about the fold when it comes to strollers. This fold is super easy, it’s a two-step fold, you’re gonna push in this button right here, pull up on these rings on either side and then it just kind of goes in like this, you walk it forward, locks by itself and then it has an awesome carry strap right here, but connected to the stroller, so you can go ahead and put it on your back, put it over your shoulder, carry it to your car, so nice.

It Also Features a One-step Brake

Ok another great thing is that it stands by itself so if you’re wanting needing it to stand by your car or something for some reason, just bring it back up, this little foot down here supports all of the weight and it all balances together so it stands really nice for you.

I’m just gonna unfold this stroller, it unfolds really nice once you unlock that brake, then you just push down on it to open the frame up. It also features a one-step brake. A lot of umbrella strollers have two brakes that you have to do either side on; this one is just one step right here, just bring it back. It is not a flip-flop friendly brake, you’re still gonna have to like push up on it and it is a pretty hard brake to push up on, but just be aware – you do have to push pretty hard on that brake to open it, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing flip-flops if you’re going to be using this stroller a lot.

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Next we’re gonna talk about these cool handlebars; so these were created with parents ergonomic in mind so, as you can see, they’re a little bit like twisted in a little bit and they have a really nice comfortable padding on them that it’s firm enough, that like you don’t feel like you’re sinking in, but soft enough that it’s nice to touch.

One problem though is with it if it’s great if you’re pushing two hands super comfortable but if you’re answering the phone or anything and you’re trying to push with one, it can be a little bit hard to keep straight. Obviously I’m gonna be my wrists a little bit but like even if I just push straight I can tell like how hard it is to kind of move it forward, so that is a con if you’re using it one-handed a lot. I know I use my shoulders one-handed a lot so just be sure that you’re okay with that.

So speaking about some other cons there’s other feedback we’ve gotten from customers, one of them being that it can be hard to access the basket, just because you have the streep right here, for when the seat is fully reclined and then you also have your carry strap. Now, you can disconnect the carry strap down here, so that takes care of that problem, but then it can be a pain to like reclip it back down there when you’re ready to fold it and then this is still just kind of in the way. So just be aware that although there is a basket again it’s a little bit on the small side because it’s a lightweight stroller but then it is a little bit hard to access at the same time.

It’s More Compact Than a Full-sized Stroller

The last con that we’ve heard from our customers is just that it can be bulky when it’s folded, so again if we go ahead and fold this stroller, although it’s compact and it’s more compact than a full-sized stroller is going to be, when it actually stands up, you saw how it was kind of splayed out, so that can be kind of bulkier, take up a little bit of space, so if you’re going for like super compact, you literally have no room in your trunk, this might not be the right stroller for you.

The cup holder, again, comes with the stroller, as well as the seat pad, which is so nice, a lot of stroller companies make that a extra accessory so you don’t have to purchase those extra.

The sunshade is SPF 50, so your kids aren’t gonna get sunburned underneath it, which is so nice as well.

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  • It feels comfortable even for tall parents and tall kids.
  • Not recommend for newborns. Babies should have at least 3 months.
  • The Snack Tray cannot be used on the G-Luxe stroller.

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