Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Reviews [VIDEO] 2018

Did you know this? Urbini Omni Plus Travel System is a super fashionable and super sturdy Travel System for your baby. One where the seat/bassinet comes off so that you can put the car seat on the base of the stroller with ease.

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urbini omni plus travel system


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As you can see it’s got a very modern look and I really love it. So I’m going to teach you everything about the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System, kind of pros and cons to it.

So to begin I’m going to unleash the travel system so that you can see the base; so this is the base. The base is very easy to put together, probably one of the easiest strollers that I’ve put together; the only thing that really needed to be put together was the wheels that were easy to pop out. So these are the wheels here you pop them in and very easy.

In order to initially open the base you need to hold the side lever set up here on the side, you pull the side levers and it opens right up. In order for you to open it though you need to make sure that it is stopped completely because if it’s not stopped completely that it will not open; so if the brake is not on, it will not close or shut, so you need to make sure the brake is on at all times.

I love the handles because the handles shift so this is one of the best features of the carriage. So what it does is it really works to your level your comfort level, your height if you’re extremely tall if you’re short like myself. I would probably keep it a little bit lower.

So I’m going to start with the actual carriage itself, that the larger base that turns into a bassinet type of style carriage. So what I really love about this is that you can really use it on two sides; so you snap it in. In order for you to rest it. It’s an extremely easy lever and pull it down and you can rest it and that’s a really great feature so you can pull it up, you can rest it extremely easy.

If I want the baby to face me, I would then just do a quick swap, hook it in and that would be it. And then same concept, you pull up and you pull down… and I would recommend this for infants, younger children that you kind of want to keep a close eye on.

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The carriage is good up to 50 pounds so you want to make sure that over 50 you then switch to adjusting stroller if you need one. So this is a really great system.

What I really love about this as well is that if you want the child to sit up there are levers that adjust here, so there’s clips that you can clip, if you can clip for the child to be in an upright position.

The ___ is a little tricky it’s a little tight but I understand the tightness I figured as you continue to use it it will get a little looser…

… and then here is a lever that you just pull up and then now your child is an upright position… and you can push this all the way forward.

I absolutely love the canopy cover because it covers a lot than bolts Chris I’m sorry most carriages… it is really really nice… so this is one of my favorite features…

Let me show you the car seat which is really convenient as well; this is a car seat extremely lightweight,…because we’re going to have a little girl my partner is six months pregnant do we know that verse no because you’re in a little girl you know we would definitely you know smaller child want them facing us in the car seat I absolutely love this feature although the car carriages we were looking at were extremely expensive.

This is really affordable, it’s got a modern look, modern feel, you know; you can adjust. I could keep the baby at close distance to you, you can pick up. It’s just very very easy. So one of my favorite favorite features. So here again can it can be covered perfect. Very easy to slip on and off. As you can see there’s handles here, where it says left and right. You can just comes right off.

What’s really great about this carriage as well is that it comes with the base, so it comes with the base that goes right into the car so you don’t have to go out and purchase another base like you do with a lot of other products.

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One of the things that we decided to do was to get a car seat canopy… this does not come with the carriage but this is something that you can purchase separately which I really love, it’s the same action color and just kind of slide right on in here, and gives it a really nice modern feel. This is kind of a little extra so that people can see what a car seat canopy would look like on the car seat.

So overall I think you know it’s a really great carriage ;you know in terms of cushion, it doesn’t have a lot of cushion, so if you’re looking for a car seat, a carriage that has tons of cushion, it definitely doesn’t have that, but it has the infant rest, you know which is perfect that is a lot of cushion, a lot of support, again with the lightweight, you can’t kind of add a lot of faculty material, because then it will be extremely heavy.

It’s nice and easy to clean, perfect color for boy or girl…

You actually do not need a base to put on the carriage, so you just have a lot of options with this carriage.

One of the cons is that there isn’t any area for you to put your drinks or to put your keys that’s probably one of the only cons but those are easy to purchase.

One of the things I do like about this as well is the fact that it’s got a nice basket –you can put stuff in there baby’s bag, anything else that you need. Also the other features that it has is you know the wheels really kind of move around and swivel so they’re not just set in one direction so that’s something that I really like.

Overall I love the carriage, I give five stars. I think it has a great feel, it’s modern, you can’t beat the price – it’s extremely extremely affordable you know we were looking for something with modern feel but also that was economical so all I would give it five stars, absolutely love it and we can’t wait to use it.

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